Why Joao Simao is Excited to Play the WPT World Online Championships on partypoker Why Joao Simao is Excited to Play the WPT World Online Championships on partypoker

Brazilian poker pro Joao Simao is part of Team partypoker, has over $3 million in live earnings and currently sits at number 2 on the Brazilian all-time money list.

As part of Team partypoker, Simao will be playing in the WPT World Online Championships, one of the most prestigious online tournament series running this summer, with total guarantees of $100 million.

The average guarantee per tournament is just over $1.8 million, and all tournaments allow a maximum of one re-entry and only a few with multiple Day 1s.

The series has been underway for the past two weeks and has suffered from overlays, but there is plenty of action still to be had, as the series does not wrap up until September.

Simao may not be streaming any WPT World Online Championship events, but he is looking forward to getting involved in the action as well as entering the $10 million guaranteed Main Event that comes with a $10,300 buy-in.

Here we catch up with the Brazilian on what he’s looking forward to as part of the World Online Championship.

What WPT World Online Championships events are you most looking forward to playing and why?

The WPT World Championship Online Main Event is always very special and I can’t wait for that. The mega satellites that will be running for this are events to look out for, as they will be giving so many opportunities to qualify for much less.

What can players expect from the series?

Players can expect a fair game, with a focus on quality and amazing structures. I made day two in the PLO8 and it was one of my best ever experiences. I would have loved to have made the final table and been on the stream.

Will you be streaming any of the action?

I would love to stream this WPT, but unfortunately I’m traveling to stay isolated with my family in a place that doesn’t have the best connection. However, I will be watching the partypoker stream and the production for the final tables looks amazing to watch. This series is looking really special and you can see how much effort has been made to make it feel like a proper live event.

What is your view on real-name tournaments? Are they here to stay? Do you feel the level of play is the same in tournaments with real names versus screen names?

I love to play real names. I always feel a bit uncomfortable playing vs wsx1223 screen names. I think real names make it more interesting for people to watch, but it also adds a personal level to the game and overall makes the game feel safer, as you know straight away who you’re playing against.

How do you feel about the ongoing discussion on re-entries and freezeouts? Do you think we will see more single re-entry events going forward along with a shorter late reg period?

To be honest, my favourite option is one re-entry. I hope to see one re-entry and a short late reg period, which is what we have tried to do at party. But I think it depends on whether players support it, otherwise overlays will almost be certain and then they will have no option but to change it. I’m definitely hoping players will support this move.

Although Simao is not streaming any action himself, partypoker is doing plenty to accompany the series.

Two weeks ago partypoker announced it would be working with ShareHand, their existing production partner of live poker tours to bring the live poker experience to online live streams during the World Online Championships.

All 12 championship final tables will be live-streamed with “cards up” on a short delay. This means that viewers can see all hole cards at the table, the bedrock of live poker coverage.

Partypoker is also planning to stream side event coverage on their Twitch channel four times a week.

Live streams are available on partypoker’s Twitch channel, their website and social media, including YouTube and Facebook.