PokerStars Tetris + Spin & Go: Huge New Leaderboard Promotion Launches on Dot-Com Market PokerStars Tetris + Spin & Go: Huge New Leaderboard Promotion Launches on Dot-Com Market

PokerStars has launched Tetris Spin and Go, a twist to its Spin and Go game which adds a new themed leaderboard-style mini-game under official Tetris branding.

Avid pokerfuse readers will have already known that this was in the pipeline: Our sister site F5 exclusively revealed this coming back in September last year.

So what is Tetris + Spin & Go? Well, its a full rebranding of the operator’s ultra-successful Spin & Go lottery sit and go game. If you were playing this game before, you can keep playing it now—nothing has changed to the rules, you’ll just notice a fancy new lobby and table theme.

If you don’t have a PokerStars account, then you can sign up and as soon as you have a verified real money account, you can participate in this promotion. Spin and Go games start at just 25 cents, and you can take advantage of the operator’s generous sign-up bonus at the same time.

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At the heart of Tetris + Spin & Go is effectively a very generous leaderboard promotion. The company is giving away over $1.5 million from now until March 28, one of the most generous promotions PokerStars has run in a long while.

Tetris + Spin and Go: What you Need to Know

  • Make sure you join every leaderboard with a link in the Spin and Go lobby so that you participate.
  • There is a leaderboard for each buy-in.
  • There is no cost to participation.
  • Otherwise play your games as normal—you do not need to do anything else to be in with a shot of a prize.
  • You can play both Spin and Go and the fast Spin and Go Flash variant. Both contribute to the same leaderboard (if played at the buy-in).
  • The more games you play and win, the higher up the leaderboard you go.
  • The leaderboard is daily and individual cash prizes range from $5 up to $3000.
  • You can participate in as many leaderboards as you like, for as many days as you like.
  • The promotion is running now and concludes March 28, 2021.

Understanding exactly how it works is a little complicated. Basically, while you play games, you accumulate line clears. You get more if you win a spin and go, but you still get some if you come second or third. Every position counts but just playing tournaments racks up these lines.

You then move up levels. Every time you hit five Line Clears, you move up a level. These are effectively points multipliers. It goes up to 20.

These two factors combine to give you leader board points. And these points are what move you up the table into contention.

If all that sounds a bit confusing, then don’t worry: Just play your usual Spin and Go games and keep an eye on the leaderboard. The one possible deviation is that second place has slightly more value than third, but probably not enough for you to deviate your normal strategy.

If you see yourself in contention for a leaderboard one day, it might be worth checking out the payouts—as you could be in for free money at the end of the day if you keep playing.

Things to keep in mind with PokerStars’ Tetris + Spin and Go

  • Volume here pays – regardless of your finish position, you are getting points for the leader board every game.
  • This compounds – as you grind more games, you level up, which multiplies points.
  • All finish positions count – you get more points for second than third place finish.
  • Low multiplier games actually help more so don’t switch off on those 2x games!

The operator has earmarked a total of $33,000 daily for leaderboard prizes—one of the operator’s most generous in recent memory.

These are spread across all buy-in tiers. For example, for the 25 cent game, first place each day wins $50, and the top 100 spots get at least $5.

The prizes both increase in value, and decrease in payout spots, in higher buyins. For example, The $100 game only pays the top 20 players, but the top prize is $1000 and the lowest is $100.

At the $500 game—currently the highest game the operator spreads—has a top prize is $3000, but that is the only spot that pays out.

The $1000 game is not part of the promotion, the operator stated. However, it is not currently listed in the client anyway. Promotional spins—like the current Stars Rewards ticket game and the $22 tournament for Turbo Series, are also excluded.

Tetris + Spin & Go runs from now for six weeks, ending March 28.

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