Below the Headline Numbers, GGPoker's Super Circuit Series 2021 is Very Different to Last Year Below the Headline Numbers, GGPoker's Super Circuit Series 2021 is Very Different to Last Year

Despite similar tournaments and the same $100 million top-line figure, the schedule of the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series, back for a second year on GGPoker and starting this Saturday, is actually quite different—and players with smaller bankrolls should take notice.

The biggest difference is accessibility of buy-ins. The 2020 edition of this festival included a $25,000 and a $10,000 buy-in, and fully five ring events priced at $1,000 or above.

The 2021 version seems to be aimed at a much smaller bankrolls. There is not a single ring event priced at $1,000. The most expensive Ring in the festival is the $840 Bounty Hunter Championships.

There are three further events priced at $800, but everything else on the schedule is $525 or less to get in the game.

In fact, in the 2021 series, one player will win a Ring for the low, low price of just $25 in the Big 25. Five Ring events are priced at $100 or below this year, compared to just two last year.

Despite the significantly lower buy-ins, the guarantee is the same this year as last. That means buy-in dollars actually have a lot more value this year.

In 2020, it would have cost a player $41,301 to play every Ring event, for a total of $28 million in guarantees. This year, it will only cost about $7,000 to play for every Ring, albeit for a smaller guarantee total of $19 million.

Besides making a Circuit Ring an unprecedented bargain, it also means players get more bang for their poker buck. The 2020 series guaranteed just $678 for every $1 in buy-in spent, while the 2021 series guarantees a whopping $2,736 per dollar of buy-in.

Super Circuit Comparison 2020/2021

Total Buy Ins Total Gtd Avg Buy In Avg Gty $ Gty / $ Buy in
Super Circuit 2020 $41,301 $28,000,000 $2,295 $1,555,556 $678
Super Circuit 2021 $6,945 $19,000,000 $386 $1,055,556 $2,736

More Money In Side Events

One of the other interesting details of the 2021 schedule are the guarantees for Ring events. The total series guarantee is still $100 million, as it was in 2020, but only $19 million of that is from Ring events this year.

In 2020, 28% of the $100 million was guaranteed in Ring events, versus 19% this year. That makes the side events a lot more lucrative this year, and there are quite a few of them, with almost 500 side games throughout the series.

Side events range in price from $25 up to $525, with guarantees ranging from $20,000 to $1,000,000.

Super Circuit Online Series 2021

Date Event Buy-in: Guarantee
May 2 #1: $100 Super Circuit Kick-Off $100 $1,000,000
May 1 #2: Beat the Pros (WSOP Edition) $210 $500,000
May 2 #3: Double Stack Million $400 $1,000,000
May 4 #4: 6-Max Championship $800 $1,000,000
May 8 #5: Bounty Giant $315 $500,000
May 9 #6: Giant $365 $1,000,000
May 9 #7: Big 25 $25 $1,000,000
May 11 #8: Deepstack No Limit Championship $800 $1,000,000
May 15 #9: Bounty Deepstack $525 $500,000
May 16 #10: Hundred Stack $100 $500,000
May 16 #11: Colossus $400 $2,500,000
May 18 #12:Pot Limit Omaha Championship $800 $250,000
May 22 #13: Bounty 6-Max $210 $500,000
May 23 #14: Lucky 7’s $77 $500,000
May 23 #15: PLOssus $400 $1,000,000
May 25 #16: Bounty Hunters Championship $840 $1,000,000
May 29 #17: Ultra Deepstack Bounty Turbo $53 $250,000
May 30 #18: Main Event $525 $5,000,000

First Ever Cash Game Rings

For the first time ever, cash game players will have the chance at hardware usually reserved for tournament specialists. Never before have cash game players had the change to compete for Circuit Rings, but this year, two rings will be on offer for the cash specialists.

Players simply have to play hold’em or PLO/PLO5 cash games on GGPoker from May 1 to May 30 to qualify for a chance at one of the rings. One ring will go to the hold’em players, and one to the Omaha players.

The rings will be awarded at special $10,000 nine-handed sit & gos on June 5. The top nine players in each poker discipline, based on weighted big blinds across the series, will earn spots at the final table. All nine players who make either final table will be guaranteed at least $300, with $2,600 plus the Ring up top for the winner.

The WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 may look similar to 2020 on the surface, but it doesn’t take too deep of a dive to see some clear differences. This year, more players will have access to Ring events, and those Ring events will have more value for each dollar of buy-in. The results are yet to be seen, but in advance of the series, it looks to be a winning formula.

Hold’em/PLO Cash Game Rings Final 9 Payouts

Place Prize
1 $2,600 plus WSOPC Ring
2 $1,900
3 $1,500
4 $1,200
5 $900
6 $700
7 $500
8 $400
9 $300