DraftKings Reveals All New Rewards Program for Online Casinos and Sportbooks Across the US DraftKings Reveals All New Rewards Program for Online Casinos and Sportbooks Across the US

DraftKings is unifying its rewards program into a single system to give players a clearer view of their current rewards and status, and reward players regardless of what games they play or bets they place.

The new program, DraftKings Dynasty Rewards, unifies all DraftKings verticals into the new system, meaning players will only need to look in one place to know the score on their rewards. It is also designed to make the rewards process easier and more transparent for users. The new system remains based on the DK Crowns, but it puts casino play, sports betting, and fantasy sports activity under one rewards roof.

The new system isn’t that different from what a lot of other operators offer, but that is a welcome standardization and simplification. With the new unified program, nearly every $1 spent on DraftKings in any way qualifies the player for DK Crowns and special prizes and merchandise.

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Dynasty Rewards Unifies the Streams

Dynasty Rewards is active on DraftKings now and provides a unified experience for a player’s rewards. DK Crowns, basically the loyalty points of the new system, are earned through various betting or marketplace activity on the site.

Vertical Crowns Earned
Casino (progressive slots & keno) 1 Crown per $1 wagered
Casino (regular slots) 1 Crown per $2 wagered
Casino (table games & video poker) 1 Crown per $5 wagered
Lottery 1 Crown per $1 wagered
Sports betting 1 Crown per $2 wagered
Fantasy 1 Crown per $1 in entry fees
Marketplace 1 Crown per $2 spent

Crowns contribute to a new loyalty level system that provides increasing value as players earn more Crowns. Starting at bronze and moving up the scale to Onyx, players get special rewards at all levels, but they get juicer as a player accrues more Crowns.

The Bronze level opens the door to basic rewards like access to the Dynasty Store, and missions, achievements, and promos. After that, the sky is the limit with the highest tiers offering VIP and live experiences, to name just a few.

Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Onyx
0+ Crowns 25,000+ Crowns 125,000+ Crowns 500,000+ Crowns 1,000,000+ Crowns
Earn Crowns All previous perks, plus All previous perks, plus All previous perks, plus All previous perks, plus
Access to Dynasty Store (DK Shop) 10% Crown accrual boost 20% Crown accrual boost 30% Crown accrual boost 40% Crown accrual boost
Missions, achievements, and promos New tier welcome reward Priority customer support Gift a tier to a friend (Gold) Gift a tier to a friend (Diamond)
Redeem Crowns Tier-exclusive promos Live experience VIP Host
VIP Associates

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There are a few ways to redeem the Crowns once they are earned. Of course, all players (except for users in Indiana) can spend points in the DK Shop, but players can also cash in Crowns for DK Dollars, which can be used for wagering or other activities on DraftKings just like real money.

Crowns are exchanged at a rate of 550 Crowns for 1 DK Dollar, and 1 DK Dollar is the equivalent of $1 in cold hard cash for use on DraftKings—it just needs to be wagered once on any game to be able to withdraw. On top of that direct value, Crowns are also good for tickets, travel, merchandise, and even donations to charity. There are always new choices in the list too, so check back often to see what is on offer.

The new Dynasty Rewards at DraftKings looks to be a simpler and more satisfying experience for the players. It is live now for all gaming verticals, in all US states with DraftKings is active.