GGPoker Adds New Overlay Bot to its Discord Server GGPoker Adds New Overlay Bot to its Discord Server

Every poker player likes to see overlay — it means there is more value in the game, with more prize money than there should be based on the entries.

Players are always on the hunt for overlay games, and now GGPoker is helping them in the quest with an overlay bot on its Discord server.

Poker is all about the prizes and one of the things players are always on the hunt for is extra value in those prizes. Often, that extra value comes in the form of tournament overlay, which happens when there aren’t enough players in a poker tournament to hit the guaranteed prize pool.

For the poker operator, that means they are on the hook for putting up the extra prize money that isn’t collected in entry fees. For the player, it means there is more cash and bigger prizes to be won than the amount justified by the field size of the game.

It doesn’t really matter which side of the equation you are on, overlay is worth noting and that is what the overlay bot is for. For the players, overlay notifications give them a chance at added value, while for the operators, it allows the chance to make up the necessary number of entries before the gates come down on registration.

Discord Provides Extra Value for Players

Nearly every poker site has taken the plunge into Discord, a community chat program that acts as a stand-alone side application to most gaming communities, including online poker communities. While that includes communities like those built around Twitch streamers, it also includes servers run by most of the major poker sites like GGPoker, PokerStars, partypoker, and others.

While these communities generally started as places for customer support and to build community among users of the platform, over time, operators have found new uses for the online chat communities and the overlay bot for GGPoker is a good example of adding value to an existing platform.

The new bot monitors the GGPoker tournament lobbies, looking for games that are set to overlay. When it finds a possible overlay game, it creates a text chat entry that runs in a specific channel on the GGPoker server. The notifications are generated 15 minutes before the end of registration, giving players the chance to get in on the extra value for their bankroll while, at the same time, giving the operator the chance to meet the guarantee.

Notifications include the tournament name and the current overlay amount in a simple short message. An example of the format is “OVERLAY ALERT: [Daily Special $200] is short $2,456 [24.56%] with 15 minutes remaining.”

RIO SNG BotGGPoker isn’t the first operator to implement Discord poker bots, however. For example, Run it Once Poker has a bot that alerts players to SNG availability.

While most poker operators have added Discord to their operations, Discord has also experimented with adding poker games to its operations. In May of 2021, the chat app added a community, free-to-play poker bot to its operations. The Discord Poker Night bot has no money component, which allows it to operate outside the regulations of real-money poker, and provides Discord servers with a fun, community-based game with integrated chat and video features.

Discord has quickly become an indispensable part of most online poker communities in 2021 and integration with useful bots is the next step in that process. The latest innovation from GGPoker makes sure players have all the up-to-date information on current value and should provide a nice bonus for players on the platform going forward.

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