Stream On: Your Chance to Join the 888poker Stream Team! Stream On: Your Chance to Join the 888poker Stream Team!

Have you ever wanted to be a poker streamer? Have you ever dreamed of being patched and representing a major poker brand? With Stream On, 888poker is giving you the shot at streaming glory with a rare open opportunity to join the 888Poker Stream Team.

Many poker players dream of taking that next step in their career. For many, that means mastering the next level of the game, hitting their target big blinds per hour, or bagging a big tournament title, but for a growing number of players who also stream their online poker play, that next step is taking their stream to the next level through a partnership with a major poker operator.

If that dream sounds real to you, 888poker may just have your ticket to the big time. Its latest promotion is offering a rare chance to step up and be noticed for your poker and personality. The promotion runs from March 16 to April 15 and all you have to do is stream 888poker content.

Not only do participants have the chance to be the next 888poker streamer, but all streamers taking part have the chance to win added prizes along the way like tournament tickets. This is your shot at the big time as the newest member of Team 888poker.

Stream the Dream

Are you someone who dreams of streaming poker but has never found the right motivation to get going? Are you already streaming hours of content a week and wondering what the next step is? If you answered yes to either question, 888poker might just have the answer you are looking for.

Stream On is the latest promotion from the Trip Eights with a rare and exclusive chance to join the Stream Team to work alongside streamers and players like ambassadors Vivian Saliba and Ian Simpson, and Stream Team members like Nick Eastwood, Jordan Banfield, and Josh Manley.

The Stream On promotion kicks off on March 16 and all you have to do is show the world your streaming chops. Once you complete the sign-up process — more on that below — the only requirement is to stream 4 or more hours of 888poker per week during the contest period.

Extra Prizes

If a shot at representing one of the biggest names in poker needs a bit more juice, there are also extra prizes to be won for the more dedicated streamers in the group. Depending on the amount of time per week that streamers are live and online, there are extra tournament tickets to be won just for taking part.

888poker Stream On Extra Prizes

Hours / Week Prize
4 hours $22 ticket
6 hours $55 ticket
10 hours $109 ticket

Get Into the Game

Getting involved in Stream On is dead easy. Three quick steps get you signed up and ready to go, and then all you have to do is play poker and stream.

  1. Join the 888poker Discord Community
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Join the team at Team 888poker – Stream On
  4. Stream poker starting on March 16!

Getting a shot at being the next big streamer for 888poker is just that easy but like any game, winning will take a bit more. While merely signing up and streaming 888poker will get you into the game, collecting all the chips in this game will take some extra creativity and personality.

The winning streamer will be picked by a team of judges from 888poker and the player community, with 50% weighting on each side. Members of the Discord community will have a big say in the outcome of Stream On, so engagement there is a crucial part of getting to the final prize.

Stream On and Show Off the New Look

New Live LobbyThe Stream On contest comes immediately after the roll-out of new look software from the operator. The new software brings added features, more social fun, and a sharp new look to a poker client that last had a major upgrade in 2019 with Poker 8.

Stream On is a great way to get noticed alongside one of the biggest brands in the poker industry. From the exciting 888poker LIVE tour, to regional events like the innovative new UKPL and CNL, to a fresh new-look online poker client delivering some of the hottest action on the felt, this is a shot at being a part of all that. All you have to do is stream some poker.