Guarantees Raised Across 888 Weekly Tournament Schedule

888 announced increases to its Sunday Majors, with prize pool guarantees increasing by 20-25%. The world’s second largest online poker room, 888 says it is “expecting strong Sundays in the upcoming weeks” with this bolstering of its classic offerings.

The schedule has also been complimented by a new Unexpected Giveaway promotion which will see 888 award $1 million in cash and prizes from now until the end of October.

Some of the increases from this past week include:

  • The Tuesday Volcano had its guarantee doubled to $100,000.
  • The Tuesday Crocodile was increased from $25,000 to $30,000.
  • The Sunday Challenge $75,000 was increased to $100,000.

Many tournaments that had their guarantees raised last week are also getting another bump this week:

  • The Mega Deep $100,000 had its guarantee raised to $120,000 this past week and will be increased to $150,000 for next Sunday.
  • The Turbo Mega Deep had its $40,000 guarantee increased to $50,000 and it will get another $10,000 increase this week up to $60,000.
  • The Sunday Crocodile $40,000 was bumped to $50,000 and will be bumped up again to $75,000 this Sunday.
  • The Sunday Breeze $20,000 was increased to $25,000 and will be increased again up to $30,000 this weekend.

In addition, 888 will be implementing further improvements to several other tournaments highlighted by The Whale which boasts a $200,000 guarantee this Sunday, up from its standard $150,000 guarantee.

$3000 in cash is also up for grabs in the freerolls that run three times daily. Plus mystery gifts will be awarded to the top 50 finishers of those freerolls. The tournaments are being billed as more profitable to enter than playing cash games or betting in the casino or sportsbook.

To take advantage of these great offers, sign up for an account at 888 and start winning today!