Daniel Negreanu Again Rants Against "First Card" Rule

Over the weekend, outspoken professional poker player, and Team PokerStars Pro, Daniel Negreanu took to his well-watched video blog to, once again (and perhaps for the final time), state his position against the newly adopted “First Card Off The Deck” rule implemented by the Tournament Director’s Association (TDA).

In the video, Negreanu speaks at length, for the first time since his blowup on the European Poker Tour, about the differing views of himself and the TDA, why it is important to keep poker a fun and friendly atmosphere for the amateurs and how being in your seat at the start of a hand is not the most pressing issue for game security.

Negreanu also reiterates his position on the “no talking” rule and makes his case against the TDA “meddling in player freedoms.”

Check out the video in full right here: