Garden City Group

The email notification portion of the Full Tilt Poker remission process is now complete, according to the Garden City Group (GCG).

As of October 1, the GCG states that it has sent out over 1.4 million emails to former players and that it has already received 23,500 petitions through their online filing system.

If you are a player that did not receive notification from the GCG, but believe you are entitled to participate in the remission program, the GCG encourages you to submit your current email address so they can provide you with both petition and control numbers if they have been assigned.

Additionally, the GCG will continue notifying players whose email addresses were deemed undeliverable, by sending postcards to those whose physical addresses they have on file.

The GCG began the Remissions Process on September 18. The deadline to submit a “Petition for Remission” is Saturday, November 16, 2013.