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This week produced big winners and losers on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables as well as the 8-Game Mixed tables.

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Winners

Frenchman Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau topped the charts this week after winning at both the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw and 8-Games tables, according to the stats at

Luneau played a total of 32 sessions and 3,327 hands over the week with the majority of his haul coming via his Triple Draw plays; where incidentally he won $586,574 in 13 sessions and 1,060 hands playing only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.

The rest of his winnings—totalling $248,857—came via 19 sessions and 2,267 hands of 8-Game, where he was seen on the $2,000/$4,000 tables every day of the week.

Renowned for being a solid mixed style poker player, Leaneau begun the first day of the week $14,789 down. However, the Frenchman’s relentless plays saw him pull back all of his losses the very next day, finishing Tuesday up $178,950.

He also came out with a $200,999 profit on Wednesday, meaning he had finished his first 3 days of action $365,160 in the green after 17 sessions and 1,126 hands.

Most of that profit had come mainly via the $2,000/$4,000 Triple tables where the French poker star had so far beaten the likes of Gus Hansen, Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius, Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, and “thecortster.”

Over the last half of the week Luneau added yet another $265,418 in another 12 sessions and 1,825 hands of 8-Game and $204,853 in 3 sessions and 376 hands of draw.

Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn and thecortster were also big winners for the week. Kostritsyn was the biggest winner on the 8-Game tables playing mainly $2,000/$4,000 stakes. He grinded out 18 sessions and 2,085 hands to win $675,467 and has won $33,894 on the Tripe Draw tables in 10 sessions and 495 hands.

Meanwhile, thecortster was the biggest winner on the Triple Draw tables. After 13 sessions and 1,636 hands, he had won his entire weekly profit of $612,486.

1st Alexonmoon $835,431 Full Tilt
2nd PostflopAction $709,361 Full Tilt
3rd thecortster $612,486 Full Tilt
4th jungleman12 $286,507 Full Tilt
5th taktloss47 $284,516 Full Tilt
6th kagome kagome $280,489 Full Tilt
7th SallyWoo $224,018 Full Tilt
8th cottonseed1 $219,663 Full Tilt
9th samrostan $191,734 Full Tilt
10th Bttech86 $150,279 Full Tilt

This Week’s Top 10 Online Poker Losers

One surprising name to turn up in the losers’ column this week was Viktor “Isilrdur1” Blom. The Swede was successful on the Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables, winning $342,075 profit in 14 sessions and 1,180 hands. Blom actually made a profit every day playing this style.

In addition, Blom won $158,419 in a single session of No Limit Hold’em after 291 hands on Monday. However, despite these wins, his overall stats for the week left him with a $345,066 deficit in 93 sessions and 10,376 hands.

Blom’s downfall came in the Pot Limit Omaha games after 30 sessions and 1,675 hands losing $372,265. He was also losing on the Triple Draw tables dropping another $140,118 in 20 sessions and 2,465 hands. To finalize the Swede’s downfall he had also recorded a $17,993 loss in 11 sessions and 1,848 hands of 8-Game topping yet another miserable week that leaves Blom $1,177,059 in the red so far this year.

Phil “polarizing” Ivey is in a far worse position, adding another $629,288 loss to his yearly deficit, which now sits at $2,704,554 after less than five months of online poker.

Ivey’ biggest losses over the week came from Draw and 8-Game. On the Triple Draw tables he lost $293,970 over 32 sessions and 2,623 hands and on the 8-Game tables he played 31 sessions and 5,010 hands losing $259,917.

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond was the biggest loser on the Triple Draw tables for the week dropping $614,976 in 24 sessions and 2,990 hands while Kyle “KPR16” Ray recorded the biggest loss of the week on the Omaha Hi/Lo tables losing $551,860 in 13 sessions and 1,112 hands.

1st Polarizing $629,288 Full Tilt
2nd OMGClayAiken $611,777 Full Tilt
3rd KPR16 $551,860 Full Tilt
4th trex313 $389,228 Full Tilt
5th Isildur1 $345,066 Full Tilt
6th punting-peddler $283,936 Full Tilt
7th Crazy Elior $247,869 Full Tilt
8th MalACEsia $243,201 Full Tilt
9th FinddaGrind $153,082 Full Tilt
10th AthaCliath $147,941 Full Tilt

Currently Dan “jungleman12” Cates leads the way on 2014’s high stakes online poker leader board with $1,377,308 in 412 sessions and 49,439 hands; nonetheless after a magnificent week for Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau he will be looking over his shoulders as the Frenchman boasts a $1,324,854 profit in 179 sessions and 19,516 hands played this year.