Isildur1 Takes $1.2m From WCGRider--Now Up Over $5m in Four Weeks Isildur1 Takes $1.2m From WCGRider--Now Up Over $5m in Four Weeks
Key Takeaways
  • Isidur1 up over $1.2m against WCGRider in a long day’s play.
  • Isildur1 has now recovered from his mid year slump and is the year’s biggest cash game winner, up over $3.7m.

A seven hour heads up marathon between Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Douglas “WCGRider” Polk saw Blom win $1.2m. He is now the year’s top cash game winner, having recovered from being down over $2m

The two played multiple deep stacked tables on Full Tilt Poker, at $400/$800 No Limit Hold’em. WCGRider was fresh from his challenge match victory over Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky where he won over $700k plus the $100k they each wagered for the winner.

Isildur1’s day started with losing $450k to WCGRider, but after that early session he recovered by winning almost $300k from Gus Hansen, Kagome Kagome, and ragen70 at 2-7 Triple Draw and another 262k at Limit Hi/Lo and No Limit Hold’em against SanIker.

When he returned to face Polk, Blom had restored his losses and was up $80k on the day. At first the cards were running for Polk who at several points managed to open a lead in excess of $250k. When the pair opened up a fourth table, things started to swing back to Isildur1.

Isildur’s peak winnings against WCGRider during the session reached $1.5m, but when they finally decided to call it a day, he had handed back $300k ending up $1.2m. According to, Isildur1 has won over $3.7m this year.