Phil Ivey has solidified his position as one of the live poker’s biggest fish by failing to win a single final table in five attempts so far at the World Series of Poker.

The string of failures continued yesterday, when Ivey made the schoolboy error of calling a preflop 3-bet shove all in with lowly 88 against the mighty 62o and losing to the inevitable gutshot, costing him 90% of his stack.

The 8th place finish is just one more in a litany of donk-offs that puts Phil Ivey at the top of the list for number of cashes, but nowhere to be seen in the list of top money winnings.

Known for his chatty persona that entertains at the table but provides invaluable tells to his opponents, Ivey will be disappointed that once again he was caught in a big bluff. Samuel Golbuff, a known limit hold’em specialist, could only cast a whimsical smile after catching Ivey making a play with his pocket eights.

Might we advise Ivey to stick to the craps tables where his loss-rate is markedly lower.