Lock Poker Pros Look To Offload Online Funds

In yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of embattled US-facing online poker site Lock Poker, it was brought to pokerfuse’s attention today that two of Lock Poker’s sponsored pros have taken to the Two Plus Two forums to try to sell off some of their online holding.

Sponsored Lock Pro, Greg “HokieGreg” Tiller, who was promoting Lock Poker on his Twitter account as recent as yesterday, posted that he was looking to turn $10,000 Lock Dollars into real money at only .33 on the dollar.

At the same time, reportedly, another Lock Elite Pro, Jared Hubbard, was looking to offload $25,000 at the same price of .33 on the dollar.

Lock Representative Shane “Imjustshane” Bridges entered the thread to clarify Lock Poker’s position, stating that these pros are subject to the same delays as the rest of their customer base and that perhaps it is just that these sponsored players need access to “instant cash.”

According to Two Plus Two’s own Daily Vig Report, Lock Dollars, prior to these requests, were trading at roughly .38 on the dollar.