PokerStars Sweeps Full Tilt, But Hints of Rematch Abound PokerStars Sweeps Full Tilt, But Hints of Rematch Abound
Key Takeaways
  • Clean sweet by Team PokerStars, with only Dwan winning a single match of the 9 played.
  • Hints of a rematch from both sides.

After he and his Full Tilt brethren were swept, Gus Hansen might be regretting the needle that sparked a trio of heads up battles between Full Tilt and PokerStars.

Or he may be scheming a new plan of attack for a rematch.

Dubbed “The Professionals vs Team PokerStars,” the battleship-style laptop matches pitted Hansen against Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan against Isaac Haxton and Viktor Blom against Bertrand Grospellier. They were set up at the EPT London inside the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

The only Full Tilt pro who won anything in the $50,000-a-piece, three-man team format was Dwan, having captured but a single victory in his three-game match with Haxton.

In the hours leading up to the match, Hansen was rather active and taunting on Twitter.

“Is my favorite Canadian getting ready for his beating on Sunday?” he tweeted at Negreanu.

The whole, staged-for-the-good-of-Internet-poker event started, after all, with a tweet from Hansen to Negreanu. In late February, Hansen decided to unearth a hand from a 2006 High Stakes Poker game where the Dane coolered the Canadian.

When they met in London on Sunday, Negreanu handily defeated Hansen, even after Negreanu “timed out” twice because he was so excited to have the nuts that he forgot to click the call button.

Hansen’s tweets suddenly went silent on the day of the matches and thereafter.

Dwan and Haxton apparently tried to raise the stakes, but couldn’t come to an agreement.

That prompted this tweet from Haxton: “Any stakes, any time, Tom.”

In its blog reporting on the battles, PokerStars hinted at a rematch.

“Dwan said that he would be up for playing something similar again, but preferably not after he had just got off a plane from a far-flung time-zone,” PokerStars reported. “For fairly obvious reasons, Negreanu, Haxton and ElkY are also more than happy to have a rematch.”

Negreanu confirmed this on Twitter, calling the matches “a real pleasure,” and then added, “you guys are welcome to have a rematch!”

Dwan then tweeted: “Hey @RealKidPoker did I hear u say rematch?”