WSOP New Jersey

WSOP New Jersey has made changes to its VIP benefits which marginally increase them at the highest level, but reduce rakeback equivalents at the lower levels.

The WSOP VIP program is based on reaching VIP levels from Bronze through to a top level of “Seven Stars.” As players progress through the levels, the rate at which they accumulate WSOP points increases.

$1 in rake paid generates two Action Poker Points. These are increased by a multiplier dependent on VIP level. The latest changes reduce the multiplier for all levels from Silver to Diamond.

The top two levels, Elite and Seven Stars are annual levels, and these are now joined by what was the top monthly level—Diamond. The multiplier for Elite stays the same, but the Seven Stars multiplier has increased from 15 to 17.5, increasing the benefits to the equivalent of 35% rakeback.

The top level increase may be in response to partypoker New Jersey which last month introduced its Palladium Elite level to motivate high volume players.

According to one player who commented on the new scheme, no one in New Jersey will reach the top annual level this year.

The online VIP scheme integrates with the live casino—WSOP is owned by Caesars—total rewards program which has just four levels. Players can win points and VIP statuses online and qualify for TotalRewards benefits at live casinos.

As always when VIP benefits are reduced, players have expressed their dismay on the poker forums.