Partypoker Launches a Personal Interactive Online Poker Coach “My Game” Partypoker Launches a Personal Interactive Online Poker Coach “My Game”

Earlier this month, online poker giant, partypoker, rolled out another software upgrade to its online poker client, this time adding a new feature called “My Game”.

My Game is a personal, interactive, in-built online poker coaching tool aimed to help players improve their game by analyzing all aspects of their play and helping them to fix their “leaks”.

Currently available in beta mode, players can use this tool without paying any fee by logging in to the client and clicking on the My Game tab found on the newly-added navigation bar at the top of the main lobby. As of now, My Game currently monitors cash gameplay only, but it will soon be available for tournaments as well.

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To be able to use this tool, players must play a minimum of 100 hands after which the tool will start monitoring the player’s gameplay. Once the analysis is done, the tool will prepare a report card, grading performance, highlighting players’ weaknesses, and offering tips on how to improve. The report card is generated 24 hours after the session is played.

The analysis is done using the Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy. The rating is based on five key categories such as a player’s 3 betting and 4 betting skills, post-flop aggression and showdown play, stealing and blind defense, etc. Based on these categories, players are rated across eight skill-levels ranging from Unranked to Elite Pro.

A player with a low number of leaks or weaknesses will fall into Elite Pro category while a player who needs to work on most of the aspects of their gameplay will be ranked Rookie. Similarly, each of these ranks displays stars based on that player’s experience. The more hands a player plays, the higher number of stars attached to the player’s skill-levels badge.

Once the report card is prepared, players will be graded on each of the five categories. The software will offer tailored hints and tips on how to improve a specific area of the gameplay if the grade is anything less than “A”.

Furthermore, My Game also offers two types of training courses: “The Clinic” and “Fundamentals,” designed to help players improve areas that may have some weaknesses and help them take their game “to the next level.”

A tool like My Game is not an industry-first. Asian-based GG Network also offers a similar tool called “PokerCraft” designed to help players improve their game by displaying several important statistics. The tool displays statistics such as a player’s play style, overall win-loss record, luck rating, net earnings by position, net earnings versus opponents as well as total net earnings for each of the individual hands.

The network also recently added a built-in “Super HUD” displaying more statistics for each of the players at both cash games and multi-table tournaments.

Over the past few weeks, partypoker has been in the news for various reasons. It recently introduced a new tier to its VIP program offering players up to 60% cashback. It also introduced $1 million Spins for a buy-in of just $5, and it announced a partnership with Bill Perkins’ poker Twitch channel called “The Thirst Lounge.” Yesterday, the room unveiled “Team Online” and signed up popular Twitch streamer Matt Staples as its first member.