The Most Innovative Online Poker Rakeback, Rewards and Bonus Programs that You May Not Know About: Run It Once Poker The Most Innovative Online Poker Rakeback, Rewards and Bonus Programs that You May Not Know About: Run It Once Poker
Key Takeaways
  • Splash the Pot is one of the most innovative rewards programs to be offered by an online poker room. Check out the details here:
  • Find out what makes Run It Once Poker’s rewards program so unique and what you may be missing out on.
  • Ever thought about live-streaming your poker play? Find out how you can get compensated for your efforts with the StreamR program from Pun It Once Poker.

Today all major online poker rooms offer various forms of incentives to attract players to their sites, be it a welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, rakeback or other cashback schemes.

However, these bonuses have some unique features that have been designed to achieve the poker rooms’ objectives.

The mechanism of rewarding players has changed significantly over the past few years. There was a time when most online poker rooms would offer rakeback deals weighted heavily towards rewarding the highest volume players. In fact, it was even realistically possible to make a living wholly from rakeback rewards. However, the landscape has changed over the years.

More and more operators are now focusing on recreational players, shifting rewards away from high-volume players to more casual players while some are finding ways to keep both recreational and high-volume players happy.

One such example of a site catering to both high-volume and recreational players is Run It Once Poker. The online poker room headed by Phil Galfond generated a significant buzz when the site launched thanks to its various innovative features, like its Dynamic Avatars concept and its StreamR and Splash the Pot rewards program.

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Splash the Pot: How Does it Work?

Certainly, one of the most innovative rewards programs to be offered by an online poker room is Run It Once’s Splash the Pot program.

As the name implies, rewards are added directly to the pot. This unique loyalty program returns 51% of all rake taken at the table in the form of extra money distributed right at the table. This “splashed” pot is based on the size of the pot on the previous hand. This additional money can vary from 1 big blind up to, on very rare occasions, 1000 big blinds. The winner of the hand takes the extra money.

What makes Run It Once Poker’s Rewards Program Unique?

Unlike many other rewards program, Splash the Pot does not offer flat rakeback, require players to put a certain level of volume or generate a specific amount of rake.

Players are not required to opt-in or complete tasks or missions. Instead, any player can be eligible for the splashed pots and in fact, they are right from the very first hand.

Also, the program does not discriminates between recreational and professional players, as all types of players are awarded equally.

The program also adds a new dimension to the game, as players must quickly adjust their play to the size of the splashed pots. In fact, according to Galfond, many players have been playing the splashed pots incorrectly.

As splashed pots require many adjustments including the betting sizes, the program also serves as a bot deterrent.

To sum up, Splash the Pot by Run It Once Poker is unique in the following ways:

  • Splash the Pot rewards 51% rakeback making it one of the most generous loyalty programs in the industry
  • Splashed pots range from one big blind to 1000 big blinds
  • Rewards are awarded equally to all players, regardless of player type or volume put in by the player
  • Players are not required to complete tasks or missions
  • All rewards are allocated as no rewards are left unclaimed
  • Splash the Pot serves as a bot deterrent as players must adjust for varying sizes of splashed pots.

Up to 110% Rakeback for Streamers

Additionally, the room also offers a secondary rewards program called StreamR which encourages players to stream their play live on Twitch in exchange for 50% to 110% in additional rakeback based on the number of viewer hours accumulated in a month.

StreamR is a four-level program where players on Level 1 require 200 hours of “watch time” for 50% net rakeback. According to Galfond, watch time “is simply the number of hours of [a player’s] stream that have been watched by someone, with all viewers added together.”

The highest tier, Level 4, which automatically qualifies a player for RIO Team Pro status, requires 20,000 hours of watch time, and if a player achieves this level, they are awarded 110% net rakeback.

  • Level 1 requires 200 hours of watch time for 50% rakeback
  • Level 2 gives 75% rakeback and requires 1200 hours of watch time
  • Level 3 gives 100% rakeback for 8000 hours of watch time
  • Level 4, named the “Team RIO” level, requires 20,000 hours of watch time for 110% rakeback.