PokerStars PACOOP Holds Strong Despite Overlays on Sunday PokerStars PACOOP Holds Strong Despite Overlays on Sunday

PokerStars PA’s inaugural online tournament series, PACOOP, has been running for ten days and the series has now entered its final week.

Having got off to a solid start the first week, the operator wasted no time in increasing guarantees for a majority of its remaining events. In fact, the operator bumped the guarantees twice, bringing the series guarantee to a total of $1.225 million, going past the inaugural NJSCOOP in New Jersey which had guaranteed $1.1 million in its first-ever series that ran three years ago.

More than halfway through the series, all signs suggest that PACOOP has so far proven a success despite the overlays last Sunday, promising bright future for online poker in Pennsylvania.

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Here are some of the highlights of PACOOP so far:

  • 31 events have concluded and more than $900,000 has been paid out in the prize money.
  • A total of 7593 entries has been registered across 31 events that ran.
  • The $30 buy-in Mini Super Tuesday saw the biggest turnout, attracting 824 total entrants.
  • 4 events have thus far exceeded $50,000 prize pool.
  • 6 events out of 31 failed to meet their guarantees, resulting in total overlays of $13,414.40.

Sunday Provided Extra Value for Players

Six events were scheduled on Sunday, four of which fell short of their guarantees, providing extra value for players in Pennsylvania.

A couple of those overlays were marginal, only just missing their guarantees, but the remaining half missed their guarantees by 13-18%.

Event #26, a $150 buy-in NLHE 6-Max Big Antes, in particular, provided the biggest overlay of the day. Boasting a guarantee of $30,000, the tournament attracted 179 entries, leaving a $5.3k overlay.

The Pot Limit Omaha event also missed its guarantee. The tournament came with a $100 buy-in and $12,000 guarantee. It eventually got 113 total entries, falling over $1600 short.

The headlining $300 buy-in Sunday Special edition was a surprising miss. With a boosted guarantee of $60,000, the tournament drew 201 entries (138 unique players and 63 re-entries), generating a $3.7k overlay—the second biggest of the day. The same tournament with a $50,000 guarantee in the previous week saw 341 total entries to amass a prize pool of $63.4k.

In total, there has been $13,603.46 in overlays so far, a majority of which came on Sunday.

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PACOOP Overlays

Date Event Entries Guarantee Buy-ins Collected Overlay Percentage
Tuesday, December 3 PACOOP-13: $150 NLHE [Escalating Antes] 132 $20,000 $18,176.40 $1,823.60 9.12%
Thursday, December 5 PACOOP-18: $50 NHLE [Rebuy] 208 $20,000 $19,883.50 $116.50 0.58%
Sunday, December 8 PACOOP-25: $100 PLO [8-Max] 113 $12,000 $10,373.40 $1,626.60 13.56%
Sunday, December 8 PACOOP-26: $150 NLHE [6-Max, Big Antes] 179 $30,000 $24,648.30 $5,351.70 17.84%
Sunday, December 8 PACOOP-27: $300 NLHE [Sunday Special SE] 201 $60,000 $56,280 $3,720 6.20%
Sunday, December 8 PACOOP-28: $200 NLHE [Progressive KO] 184 $35,000 $34,224 $776 2.22%

Events to Look Forward to This Week

There are still 19 events remaining on the schedule with hundreds of thousands of dollars in guarantees on the line this week.

No Limit Hold’em dominates the schedule obviously, but there are also a couple of non Hold’em events including a No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and a Stud Hi/Lo event.

  • Tuesday kicks off with a Super Tuesday special edition boasting *a massive $50,000 guarantee*—the biggest of the week. It comes for a $200 buy-in and has the potential to overlay considering that the same tournament with a bigger buy-in of $250 last week generated a $47.5k prize pool.
  • No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo follows the Super Tuesday event with a $100 buy-in and a modest $10,000 guarantee. The event is a must for players who are looking to play something other than Hold’em.
  • On Wednesday, there is a rebuy event costing just $30 and guaranteeing $15,000. It is played as 6-max and also has the potential to overlay, given that rebuy MTTs have become less popular and also the fact that the previous rebuy event overlayed.
  • The Progressive Knockout tournament, Thursday Thrill, returns with an impressive $35,000 guarantee. It costs $250 to buy in, half of which will go the bounty prize pool.
  • Friday will see a deep-hyper structured NLHE tournament guaranteeing $15,000 for a buy-in of $200. It runs at 21:00 ET.

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PACOOP Schedule Monday to Friday (December 9 – 13)

Day Event Time Buy-in Guarantee
Monday PACOOP-30 4-Max 19:00 ET $300 $30,000
Monday PACOOP-31 [PLO High-Roller] 20:00 ET $500 $25,000
Tuesday PACOOP-32 [Super Tuesday SE] 19:00 ET $200 $50,000
Tuesday PACOOP-33 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 8-Max 20:00 ET $100 $10,000
Wednesday PACOOP-34 Rebuy 6-Max 19:00 ET $30+R $15,000
Wednesday PACOOP-35 NLHE 9-Max 20:00 ET $200 $25,000
Wednesday PACOOP-36 Stud Hi/Lo 8-Max 21:00 ET $100 $10,000
Thursday PACOOP-37 [Thursday Thrill SE] 19:00 ET $250 $35,000
Thursday PACOOP-38 NLHE Turbo 21:00 ET $150 $20,000
Friday PACOOP-39 Limit Hold’em 6-Max 19:00 ET $200 $12,000
Friday PACOOP-40 [Deep Hyper-Turbo] 21:00 ET $200 $15,000

Each event will have its own dedicated satellites with buy-ins starting at $5. Players who get knocked out of a PACOOP event without reaching the money will automatically qualify for a PACOOP Second Chance freeroll that runs daily until December 16 at 18:00 ET with each freeroll giving away $1250 in tickets.