PokerStars Brings its Popular Cardex Cash Game Challenge to Pennsylvania PokerStars Brings its Popular Cardex Cash Game Challenge to Pennsylvania

PokerStars’ hit cash game promotion Cardex has made its way to Pennsylvania and will likely drive traffic to the cash game tables at PokerStars PA.

The Cardex challenge tasks players with playing hands daily at the cash game tables for a chance to win up to $5000 every day.

The promotion kicked off late last month and runs until February 9. Players must opt-in to the challenge every day to become eligible for the mystery prize money.

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How Does PokerStars’ Cardex Challenge Work?

Cardex is PokerStars’ bingo-like cash game promotion where players have a chance to win instant prizes daily by matching their cards to what appears on the Cardex spinning wheel, which can be found under the “Challenges” window in the main lobby of the PokerStars PA software.

The spinning device has five reels, with each reel revealing a card that players must match. These cards are either red or black. For example, if the spinning device spins a black Ace, players must win the hand with the Ace of spades or Ace of clubs as one of their hole cards. Players can win the hand either pre-flop or post-flop.

When a player matches the reel card, the Cardex device automatically reveals their next card on the next reel. In total, there are five reels and players must match all the reels within the day to receive their instant cash prize.

Since the promotion is personalized, the table stakes and the prize payouts all differ on an individual player basis. As per the PokerStars PA website, the eligible stakes are determined by players’ historical gameplay and preferences.

The cash prizes are picked at random which could be anything from $0.50 to $5000.

Here is our list of important details about the Cardex promotion in Pennsylvania:

  • Players must opt-in to the challenge every day to take full advantage of the Cardex promotion
  • Only real money Hold’em cash games are eligible for the promotion
  • Eligible stakes required for the challenge are displayed in the “Challenges” window
  • Players must match all of five cards to win an instant cash prize
  • Cash prizes range from $0.50 to $5000

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Cardex Challenge Already Proven Successful in the Dot-Com Market

The Cardex Challenge promotion has already proven successful for the online poker giant. The promotion made its first appearance in the dot-com market in November 2019. Immediately after the promotion was launched, its cash game traffic spiked by over 10%.

In fact, the promotion is being run in the majority of PokerStars’ markets, including returning to the dot-com market for the second time.

However, this is not the first cash game promotion that the operator has run in the Pennsylvania market. In late December, PokerStars PA ran Card Hunt—a similar card-collection promotion that also offered players a chance to win up to $5000.

The Card Hunt promotion had an immediate and pronounced effect on the operator’s cash game traffic. The traffic rose by almost 20%, peaking to nearly 500 concurrent cash game seats.

The operator will now be hoping for another spike to its cash game traffic in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, PokerStars PA just concluded its second-ever online tournament series, Winter Series, which just ended over the weekend.

$675,000 was guaranteed across 30 tournaments that spanned eight days. The series ended up paying over $800,000, with the Main Event registering the biggest prize pool of the series. It drew 452 total entries for a total prize pool of $126.5K.