888 to Host $100,000 Freeroll 888 to Host $100,000 Freeroll

Galaxy of Freerolls from 888poker is a promotion that offers players the chance to compete in daily $2000 freerolls, weekly $10,000 freerolls and a special $100,000 freeroll tournament on June 7. There is even a daily Blast freeroll for those that prefer to play Sit N’ Gos.

In total, 888 will give away $500,000 in freeroll prizes during this promotion which runs through June 7. With nearly two weeks still to go, there is plenty of time to get in on the action.

To earn tickets into the freerolls, players must complete daily missions, with the number of completed missions determining how many freeroll tickets a player will receive.

There are three types of missions:

  • The Tournament Voyager: Players must play in tournaments (that can include BLAST games) with buy-ins totaling at least $3 not including re-buys or addons.
  • Ace-King Apollo Landing: Players must win a cash game hand (including SNAP) with Ace/King.
  • Casino & Sport Atlantis Orbiter: Place must wager a minimum of $5 on casino games or sports events with minimum odds of 1.5 or greater.

You can qualify for the two daily (Monday through Saturday) $2000 Venus Freerolls by simply completing a single mission. Complete 2 missions in a week and you will get a ticket to the Sunday $10,000 Neptune Freeroll.

Complete 14 missions and you will get invited to the $100,000 Super Saturn Freeroll on June 7 at 18:25 GMT.

To gain entry to the daily $1000 Space BLAST Freeroll at 18:25 GMT, give a spin to the Daily Wheel in the 888poker lobby where 200 tickets each day will be given away.

888 Galaxy of Freerolls Overview

Venus Freeroll

  • Guarantees $2000
  • Runs every Monday to Saturday at 17:25 & 22:25 GMT
  • Complete one daily mission to get two freeroll tickets

Neptune Freeroll

  • Guarantees $10,000
  • Runs every Sunday at 20:25 GMT
  • Players must have completed two daily missions within the week in order to gain entry.

Super Saturn Freeroll

  • $100,000 Guaranteed
  • Runs June 7 at 18:25 GMT
  • Players will have to competed 14 daily missions to gain entry.

Space BLAST Freeroll

  • Guarantees $1000
  • Runs daily at 18:25 GMT
  • Spin the Daily Wheel in the 888poker lobby for a chance to enter

In addition to all of the freerolls mentioned above, 888 is also unveiling what it calls Celestial Surprises which include unannounced freerolls, cash prizes and more.

Hand of the Day

In addition to the Galaxy of Freerolls, 888 is running a Hand of the Day promotion, that is running indefinitely and is incredibly simple to be a part of.

Players at real money cash game tables (with minimum stakes of 2¢-5¢, including SNAP) must win a hand with the “Hand of the Day” as many times as specified in their “My Account” to win prizes including entry into a daily $1000 Hand of the Day freeroll which runs every day at 19:00 GMT.

Each day has its own Hand of the Day that a player needs to win a pot with.

Hand of the Day

Day Hand of the Day
Monday A Q
Tuesday J 10
Wednesday A J
Thursday 8 9
Friday A K
Saturday A 10
Sunday 2 7

Players can also win an extra bonus by completing the Hand of the Day challenge a certain number of times within a calendar month. The number of times the Hand of the Day challenge needs to be completed will vary. Check for an email for 888 to find out how many times you need to complete the Hand of the Day to receive your additional bonus.

Tweet For Your Seat

Another way to play a freeroll at 888 is via the Tweet for Your Seat promotion where players need to just Follow, Tweet and Register.

Players that follow 888poker Twitter and at tweet them with the following message (removing the X and adding in their 888 poker user name) will be rewarded with entry into the $888 Twitter freeroll on June 29.

“My @888poker username is X. I want to play in the $888 Twitter Freeroll on 29/6/2020 #888series #888poker #poker

But don’t wait on this, as you must follow and tweet at least 6 hours prior to the start of the tournament to be eligible.