The Vault is a new promotion from PokerStars PA that is running August 10 to 30.

$175,000 is up for grabs for players in Pennsylvania who successfully break open The Vault.

The Vault is a thematically designed promotion channeling the energy of Ocean’s 11 thanks to characters that are used as part of the promotion: Ace, Jack, Queenie and King Pin.

Players must opt in and will then earn points for the real money games they play. Once opted in, players will see three special chests (red, blue and yellow) which are protected by three-digit combination locks along with The Vault.

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After earning enough points for a regular Stars Rewards Chest at real money games, a special chest will be dropped (in addition to the usual PokerStars Rewards Chests) that contains numbers that can be used to unlock the special red, blue and yellow Chests.

The locks securing the special Chests are color-coded. For example, the blue lock needs blue numbers to unlock it. Watch out though, the numbers and colors in the Chests can be made up of any combination and players could get repeated numbers.

There are nine digits to enter in total, with no repeated numbers in the individual sequences.

Within the special red, blue and yellow Chests are cash prizes up to $5000.

Once all three combinations have been entered successfully, players will get access to The Vault which contains an additional cash prize of up to $15,000.

The amount of the cash prizes is based is on a player’s VIP level.

But there is another way to crack The Vault.

The Vault Master Key

Once a week, for a two hour period between 09:00 ET and 15:00 ET, players will earn Reward Points (by playing real money games) that will allow them to reach a special The Vault target.

If you meet the target, 90% of the time you will receive a key to one of the special colored Chests. The other 10% of the time, a Master Key that will immediately open The Vault will be awarded.

A countdown timer will be displayed in the Challenge Window that will tell you how much time is left in the two-hour period, but once the time expires, the countdown clock disappears.

The Reward Points you need to earn during these two hours will depend on your Stars Rewards Level

Sign up to PokerStars PA today and enjoy $30 FREE or a $600 first-deposit bonus »

The Vault Top Line Info

*Opt in via the Challenges Window on the PokerStars PA client.

  • Play real money games to earn special Chests that contain color-coded digits that can be used to unlock the combinations of the special red, blue and yellow Chests.
  • Each cracked lock gives away a cash prize. Every time a players completes a three-digit combination up to $5000 can be won.
  • Unlock all three combination locks to get access to The Vault. Here players will have a chance to win the main cash prize of up to $15,000.
  • Once a week, players will have the chance to win a key to the red, blue and yellow Chests or maybe even a Master Key that opens The Vault instantly!

The Vault promotion runs August 10 to 30 on PokerStars PA.

Even More Promotions Running on PokerStars PA

Cardex is the cash game promotion is giving players a chance to win up to $5,000 every day in cash prizes. Cardex is running now and won’t wrap up until August 16, for players in Pennsylvania.

Cardex is super simple. All players need to do is match their cards in any No Limit Hold’em cash games (minimum three players) to the numbers on the Cardex spinning wheel.

PokerStars’ Cardex Things To Know

  • Players must opt-in to be part of the promotion.
  • All players in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are eligible.
  • Daily cash prizes as high as $5000.
  • Players must match 5 Cardex cards in any NLHE games to win an instant cash prize.
  • The promotion concludes on August 16.