Run It Once 12 Days of Christmas Features a Different Promotion Each Day Run It Once 12 Days of Christmas Features a Different Promotion Each Day

Run It Once Poker, the online poker site envisioned and created by Phil Galfond, is running a special promotion featuring daily rewards and a €5000 raffle to wrap things up.

Aptly named the 12 Days of Christmas, the promotion runs from December 14 to December 25, offering a new prize every day. The raffle is scheduled to take place the day after Christmas, on Saturday, December 26.

We have detailed the remining days of the promotion below so you can plan your holiday grind appropriately.

More Rakeback with 12 on 12

On December 16, all players will have a chance to get more rakeback for their play during the day. The 12 on 12 promotion promises to boost the rakeback for every 12,000 hands played across the room by 12%.

So, if a total of 12,000+ hands is played, players will get 12% more rakeback for the entirety of their play. If the total number of hands goes over 24,000, the rakeback moves up to 24%, etc. The 12 on 12 Run It Once promo is valid for cash game and SNG Select tournament hands.

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Get 25% More Rake on Thursday

For all of your play on cash game and SNG tables on December 17, you will receive 25% more direct rakeback. The extra rakeback will be calculated once the play completes for the day and awarded to players’ accounts within 48 hours.

Grab Free Tickets & Enjoy Super Splash on December 18

All players with a valid Run It Once account will be entered into a drawing on December 18 where a grand total of €15,000 worth of SNG Select tickets will be awarded. Randomly selected players will receive ticket bundles worth between €0.25 and €25.

On the same day, the room will also double its Splash the Pot fund from the usual 30% to 60%, so cash players will get a nice boost in rakeback prizes.

Get Involved with Charity Saturday

For every hand played at Run It Once poker on Saturday, December, 19, the room will donate €10 to charity.

On top of this, players will also get to participate in ten distinct leaderboards with a shot at winning some extra cash regardless of what stakes you play.

The leaderboards will be divided as follows:

  • Four leaderboards for sit and goes
  • Six leaderboards for cash game tables

Leaderboards are divided based on buy-ins / stakes, awarding cash to the players finishing in the top 10 spots. For every €1 in rake paid, one leaderboard point is awarded.

The twist here is that you will also receive booster cash based on the total number of points won (regardless of your actual position). The maximum you can win is €100 for 300+ points and all the cash that is awarded in booster prizes will be matched by the room and donated to charity as well.

Double Your Splash Rewards & SNG Rakeback on Sunday

If you are feeling up for some serious grinding, Sunday, December 20 is a good day to get down to business. Any Splash the Pots rewards you win during the day will be doubled, with the extra cash credited to your account within 72 hours.

If you prefer SNG Select tournaments over cash tables, you will receive a 30% boost on your rakeback as well. Extra funds will be sent to the players within 48 hours.

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Cash Booster Monday

Keep grinding on cash tables on Monday, December 21, and you will be in with a chance to win one of four cash booster rewards based on your play for the day.

  • Legends Rank Clubs: €5 boost
  • Legends Rank Diamonds: €15 boost
  • Legends Rank Hearts: €100 boost
  • Legends Rank Spades: €750 boost

You can only win one cash reward based on the highest rank you achieve, i.e. if you go up to Hearts, you will only get €100. All prizes will be awarded within 48 hours.

More Daily Leaderboards

If you like the idea of competing with other players, Run It Once is bringing the leaderboards back again on December 22. Once again, there will be ten leaderboards, four for SNG Select and six for cash game tables, split across different buy-ins.

Super Splash Again on December 23

On Wednesday, RIO will once again double the Splash the Pot fund, bringing it to 60% rakeback, and award another €15,000 in SNG Select tickets. The promotion is exactly the same as the one from December 18, so if you missed that one, this is a nice second chance.

The Final Round of Leaderboard Boosters on the Christmas Eve

On December 24, you’ll have the final shot to get involved with one (or more) of the ten daily leaderboards and win cash prizes for finishing in top ten spots on any of them. Plus, the room is bringing back the booster prizes once again, awarding money based on the number of accumulated leaderboard points (between €2.5 and €100).

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Christmas Gift in the Form of 25% Extra Rakeback

Play on the Christmas Day and receive 25% more rakeback on all of your play. There are no special rules or restrictions to worry about. Simply sit down and play and receive your rakeback as normal. The room will then calculate the total amount and send you the 25% boost within 96 hours.

Win One of 100 Prizes in the Christmas Raffle

Run It Once will wrap up its 12 Days of Christmas promo with a big raffle taking place on December 26. A total of €5045 worth or prizes will be distributed to 100 lucky players.

To win your raffle tickets, you will need to log in to your RIO account every day between December 14 and 25. Every day you log in, you will receive one ticket. You will receive one extra ticket for every day during the qualifying period that you play at least one hand.

Winners will be determined randomly, but more tickets gives you a better shot at winning. One player can win only one raffle prize.

Prizes include RIO cash credit, SNG Select tickets, Run It Once Training subscriptions, and more.