Massive Value Alert: Still Time to Join 888's $1 Million Big Shot Special Edition, Heading for Large Overlay Massive Value Alert: Still Time to Join 888's $1 Million Big Shot Special Edition, Heading for Large Overlay

We don’t come across million-dollar tournaments online outside the top two online poker operators—and when we do they usually don’t come with a buyin as low as $109.

888Poker’s $1 Million Big Shot Special Edition is an exception to that rule. The operator decided to take its popular daily Big Shot tournament to a whole new level and offer a massive prize pool at a very affordable buy-in level.

The Big Shot Special Edition was first announced back in August, with Day 1 flights starting on September 2 and running all the way through September 27—that’s in two days’ time. And there looks like there will be huge value for all players who enter.

With only a few flights remaining, a total of 5550 runners have entered so far, with 886 making their way to Day 2. That’s total buy-ins collected thus far of just $550,000—just 55% of the $1 million guaranteed.

Estimated Turnout Suggests Shortfall Could be 25%

By our count, there have been 38 Day 1 flights so far—that’s an average of 146 entries per tournament.

There are seven Day 1 flights remaining. If the same rate of players enter these last flights, it would mean 1022 joining—*taking the total to 6572 total runners.*

If that were to happen, it means just $657,200 in prize money collected, an overlay $342,800. That equates to $52.16 of value for each of those who entered the tournament, a discount of almost 50% on the $109 price of the ticket.

Of course, it is likely that more players will enter this tournament when they start to realize just how much value there is available. But even if these tournaments get double the participation of flights so far, that’s still only around 7500 runners, a 25% shortfall.

Remaining Day 1 Events

There’s also some big guaranteed satellites and freerolls coming up—see details below. It seems around 800 seats will be given away through these routes, so that could take total runners to somewhere in the region of 7000 to 8000 depending on the organic turnout to remaining flights.

Even the top end of this scenario, it seems highly likely this tournament is heading for serious value for players.

If you’ve yet to qualify for a Day 2, then there’s probably nothing quite as +EV this weekend as giving these Day 1s a shot.

Here are the remaining flights at the time of writing—three today, two Sunday, and then two Monday afternoon with faster blind levels ahead of the Day 2.

Day Time Blind levels (mins)
Saturday 17:30 12
Saturday 20:30 12
Saturday 23:30 12
Sunday 20:30 12
Sunday 23:30 12
Monday 13:30 10
Monday 15:30 10

Lots of Satellites and Freeroll Options Remain

Players who survive to the 18th blind level, or to 14% of the field remaining, in a Day 1 move through to Day 2. These players will kick off the action at the 1250/2500 blinds level, with a 300 chip ante.

And if the $109 buy-in is too steep, there are lots of satellites and sub-satellites running into these flights.

For example, today there is a 4-seat guaranteed tournament for $5 and a 10-seat guaranteed satty for $16.50. This evening there’s a big 100 seat guaranteed satellite at the same price. Plus these big tournaments have feeder tournaments starting at just one cent.

There’s even some very juicy freerolls in the lobby, open to new and existing players. Perhaps the most important is a massive 500 seat freeroll later tonight which is open to all depositors.

There is also a “Welcome Samantha” freeroll to celebrate the signing of Samantha Abernathy to the team. This will give away 50 seats—you’ll find the password on social media feeds of their ambassadors.