An Epic First Online Circuit of 2022 Propels WSOP PA to New Highs, Crushing Series Guarantees An Epic First Online Circuit of 2022 Propels WSOP PA to New Highs, Crushing Series Guarantees

2022 got off to an incredibly strong start for WSOP PA as it hosted the first Online Circuit of the year. While the guarantees were reduced from the overlaid Circuit event last year, this year’s edition not only crushed the lower guarantee but would also have crushed the more generous promise of 2021.

The WSOP PA Online Circuit kicked off on Jan 5th, 2022, and right from the start things looked promising. The very first event more than doubled its guarantee, amassing a prize pool of $88,800 against the guarantee of $40,000.

By the time it concluded on Jan 16, the series as a whole was more than 50% above the total guarantee. Last year, the Circuit series held on WSOP PA had a guarantee of $630,000, and the operator was forced to pay some overlay.

This time around, however, the Pennsylvania online poker series blew past the reduced guarantee of $535,000, and even past last year’s guarantee of $630,000, ending with a whopping $838,360 in total prizes56.7% over the guarantee.

WSOP PA Online Circuit 2022 Summary

Events 12
Total Gtd $535,000
Total Prizes $838,360
Average Gtd $44,583
Average Prizes $69,863
% Above Gtd 56.7%
Total Players 2385
Total Rebuys 807
Total Entries 3192
Average Entries 266

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Guarantee Surpassed Mid-Series

For WSOP’s first Pennsylvania Online Circuit series of the new year, it looked clear from the start that it would be a huge result. After the first event ended up at 122% of the posted guarantee, the strong results just kept coming. While that 122% was by far the biggest guarantee increase, none of the 12 events in the series had overlay.

The worst performer of the lot was the second to last event, which only managed to break its guarantee by 8%, but none of the other games was less than 30% over its guarantee. The $100,000 guaranteed Main Event — the last event of the series — was 43% over, with $143,000 total in prizes on the back of 286 total entries.

Two other games came in at more than 80% above the posted promise, with Event #3 collecting $55,600 on a guarantee of $30,000. Event #7 did even better, collecting $93,590 on a guarantee of $50,000.

Two games had more than $100,000 in prizes. The Main Event was always going to have at least $100,000 in it, but Event #5 — a $215 buy-in with a $75,000 guarantee — ended up with $107,000 in total prizes.

WSOP PA Online Circuit 2022 Results

Event Buy-In Gty Total Entries Total Prize Pool % of Gty
Event #1 $215 $40,000 444 $88,800 122%
Event #2 $215 $40,000 332 $66,400 66%
Event #3 $215 $30,000 278 $55,600 85.3%
Event #4 $100 $25,000 360 $32,760 31%
Event #5 $215 $75,000 535 $107,000 42.7%
Event #6 $215 $25,000 206 $41,200 64.8%
Event #7 $1,000 $50,000 98 $93,590 87.2%
Event #8 $500 $25,000 81 $37,827 51.3%
Event #9 $500 $40,000 149 $69,583 74%
Event #10 $215 $35,000 243 $48,600 38.9%
Event #11 $320 $50,000 180 $54,000 8%
Event #12 $525 $100,000 286 $143,000 43%

Big Gains on 2021

The performance of the first Online Circuit of 2022 was interesting even beyond the raw numbers. The massive first event showed that it would be a huge series right from the start, but the speed with which it broke guarantees was notable.

By the time Event #8 was in the books, the total prize for the Pennsylvania Online Circuit series was about $12,000 shy of the series guarantee. That was busted in Event #9 when the series got to within $40k of the 2021 guarantee. By Event #10, both guarantees were in the dust.

If this opening series from WSOP PA is any indication, the future looks bright for the newest operator on the Pennsylvania online poker scene. This latest Circuit series on the WSOP platform set a very high standard at the start of the year, so it will be interesting to see if the operator can continue the success.