Strike It Big with Card Strike: 888poker's Promotion Offers Up to $10k in Prizes to Cash Game Players. Strike It Big with Card Strike: 888poker's Promotion Offers Up to $10k in Prizes to Cash Game Players.

A new feature at 888poker offers cash game players up to $10k in instant prizes just for playing poker. Card Strike lets players at the cash tables compete for extra prizes while they are on their regular grind.

Card Strike players can win up to $10k from a wheel spin once they strike their cards, and all they need to do to get involved in the promotion is join an 888poker cash game table on the online poker app. A player has to play their regular stakes and match the cards shown on the Card Strike card grid to win big prizes.

A random spin determines prizes once all cards are matched, and the potential winnings depend on the stakes the player is playing.

Card Strike at a Glance

  1. Match one or more of your hole cards to your board cards. The relevant board card will be marked off on the Card Strike grid.
  2. Match all your board cards within the hand limit and get a CARD STRIKE!
  3. The Card Strike prize wheel will spin to determine your cash prize!

How to Strike Gold in Card Strike

  1. TOP PRIZE you could potentially win.
  2. Your CARD STRIKE board
  3. Number of hands left for you to complete the board.
  4. You can RESET your board and start over after ten hands.

The latest mini-game from 888poker is a great way for cash game players on the client to pad their bankrolls with some free money. Players simply have to play the cash games they usually play, and they’ll be in with a shot to strike it big!

As soon as they sit down at a cash game table on 888poker, the Card Strike grid appears, showing the player’s objective cards. The grid shows the potential prize in play, determined by the stakes, as well as the required cards, the remaining hands for the active grid, and a button to reset the board and start over.

The Card Strike Prize WheelFrom there, the player just has to play poker. As they play, when they are dealt a card that matches a card on the grid, it is marked off the grid with a lightning strike.

Clear the grid of cards, and the player is in for a shot at big prizes. The prize wheel will appear to show the range of prizes, and players win whatever amount the wheel stops on.

Join the Lightning Action

That’s all there is to it! The best part is that once a player clears their board, hits the hand total, or clicks the reset button, a new board appears for the player to match, and they start competing for up to $10k in extra prizes again.

As always, fine print and legal details go along with this new game, and players can get a complete look at how it all works on the 888poker website.

Card Strike is a great way for cash game players on 888poker to get a bit of extra cash for their bankrolls. Jump into the cash game action for the chance to strike it rich from a spin of the wheel.