888poker Takes Players on a Grand Adventure Worth Over $300,000 888poker Takes Players on a Grand Adventure Worth Over $300,000

This summer, players on 888poker are invited to The Grand Adventure, where there will be pirate chests full of gold throughout the journey. The promotion kicked off on May 29, so it is already running on the client, and players can hit the high seas for The Grand Adventure through August 20.

The Grand Adventure from 888poker is a voyage of discovery and prizes on the virtual seas. Already underway on the 888poker app, the promotion has daily and weekly rewards as well as the ultimate pirates’ chest at the end in the form of a ticket to the $100k Grand Diamonds freeroll. More than $300k in prizes are on offer during the promotion.

There are multiple ways to get involved in the Adventure, and no matter what kind of online poker action a player enjoys, there will be a chance to get in on the treasure hunt. Tournament and cash game players have ways to get involved; even casino players and sports bettors can get in on this.

Players have to complete one challenge to nab themselves a ticket to the daily freeroll, and the more challenges a player completes, the bigger the prizes. The ultimate prize for completing 30 or more challenges throughout the voyage is a ticket to the Grand Diamonds Freeroll, but there are lots of other valuable prizes to be won during the trip.

More than $300k in Prizes

The $100,000 Grand Diamonds FreerollThe pirate chests are overflowing with freeroll tickets during The Grand Adventure. Players from across the 888 ecosystem can get into the game, including those who do not play poker. Casino customers and sports bettors can also book a passage on the Adventure.

How to Book Passage on the Adventure

  1. Cash Games — Win 3 hands in cash games with any cards (including Snap)
  2. Tournaments — Play any poker tournaments (including BLAST) with buy-ins totaling at least $5.
  3. Sport/Casino — Place bets totaling $2 on any Casino/Sports games.

Once players book their passage by completing one of the challenges, they keep playing to keep winning. Continue completing challenges while you play, and the prizes will pile up.

There are daily shots at a $400 freeroll as well as weekly shots at a $3000 event working up to the grand prize of a ticket to the $100,000 guaranteed Grand Diamonds freeroll at the end of the voyage.

Hunt for Treasure

  • Complete one challenge to get a freeroll ticket to the daily $400 Sailor’s Voyage Freeroll. Get up to three freeroll tickets a day.
  • Complete nine or more challenges in one week (Mon-Sun) to win a ticket to the weekly $3000 Island of Gold Freeroll.
  • Complete 30 or more challenges throughout the entire promotion to nab your ticket to the final $100,000 Grand Diamonds Freeroll.

The more you play, the more you win on The Grand Adventure from 888poker. With challenges that should be very easy for most players to complete just playing their regular schedule, The Grand Adventure is a way for 888poker to reward players for doing what they would already be doing.

Book your passage on The Grand Adventure starting today and uncover a share of more than $300k in hidden treasures!