Massive Jackpot Alert: Win Big with The Deal on PokerStars! Massive Jackpot Alert: Win Big with The Deal on PokerStars!

In case you haven’t heard, the prize pool for The Deal, PokerStars' popular mini-rewards game, is now offering an astonishingly high jackpot. If you happen to have StarsCoin sitting in your PokerStars account, there’s no better moment to jump into the action.

Why? The game offers an excellent chance for massive returns, and the cost of entry is a mere few StarsCoin.

StarsCoin is the virtual currency that PokerStars players earn while engaging in real-money games. Every game played accumulates points, filling up their progress bar. Once that bar reaches capacity, players unlock a Chest loaded with various rewards, including StarsCoin.

While there are many ways to spend StarsCoin, such as purchasing tournament tickets, one of the best ways to spend the coin is by playing The Deal.

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Currently, The Deal boasts a jaw-dropping progressive jackpot that has soared past the $800,000 mark — making it far better value than ever before. Despite being a fixture on PokerStars for several years, the jackpot has never grown to this staggering amount.

Last verified: May 2024
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What is The Deal and How Does it Work?

The Deal is PokerStars’ special mini-game featuring a progressive jackpot starting at $25,000 and growing until it hits. The operator touts it as a “fun, fast way to turn your StarsCoin into huge cash prizes.” The game offers two buy-in options: 7 StarsCoin or 70 StarsCoin, with the latter significantly boosting players’ chances of hitting the jackpot.

Here’s how it works: players are dealt seven cards, all face down, and they must select two to discard. The remaining five cards are revealed; the higher the hand, the better the reward.

Depending on the buy-in they play and the hand they make, prizes can range from 1 to 500 StarsCoin, and cash rewards span from $10 to $300.

In the 70 StarsCoin buy-in game, hitting a Flush rewards a $25 cash prize. If a player manages to hit a Royal Flush (or a Straight Flush in the 70 StarsCoin version), they proceed to a jackpot round, where they spin the wheel for a shot at the colossal jackpot. Even if the jackpot remains elusive, this round guarantees them at least $1000.

PokerStars’ The Deal Payout Structure

Hand 7 StarsCoin 70 StarsCoin
Royal Flush Jackpot Round Jackpot Round
Straight Flush $250 Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind $30 $300
Full House 500 SC $75
Flush 100 SC $25
Straight 50 SC $10
Three of a Kind 25 SC 300 SC
Two Pair 7 SC 70 SC
One Pair 2 SC 10 SC
Ace High 1 SC No prize

If the player hits a Royal Flush (Straight Flush in a 70 StarsCoin game), they go through a jackpot round where they have to spin the wheel and a chance to hit the gigantic jackpot. Even if the player misses the jackpot, the jackpot round guarantees them at least $1000.

PokerStars The Deal Jackpot Round

In case the jackpot is won, 50% goes to the jackpot winner, while the remaining 50% is distributed among all the players who have participated in The Deal over the previous 12 hours. Considering the frenzy surrounding the quest for this life-changing jackpot, it’s undeniably the prime time to give The Deal a shot.

In fact, with the jackpot growing by a staggering 32 times from its original seed, playing the game is unquestionably a profitable endeavor.

The Deal Jackpot Challenge

With the progressive jackpot standing at over a massive $800k, PokerStars has introduced a promotion that offers players additional opportunities to vie for this astronomical prize pool.

Dubbed The Deal Jackpot Challenge, this promotion is accessible via the Challenges Window, and participation is as simple as opting in. There are two challenges available to players.

Challenge 1 involves accumulating $1 in rake by playing poker. Upon reaching this milestone, players are granted a complimentary 7 StarsCoin game ticket. Likewise, Challenge 2 requires players to accumulate $10 in rake, rewarding them with a 70 StarsCoin game ticket.

So, why wait any longer? Head over to PokerStars, start accumulating StarsCoin, and dive into The Deal for a chance to win the life-changing jackpot.