Join BetMGM Poker Ontario Micro Series - $150,000 in Prizes Guaranteed Join BetMGM Poker Ontario Micro Series - $150,000 in Prizes Guaranteed

BetMGM Poker Ontario continues expanding its tournament poker offer with a new edition of BetMGM Ontario Micro Series, a massive festival of low stakes tournaments with $150,000 in guaranteed prizes.

Running from May 26 to June 10, Ontario Micro Series will feature 87 numbered events, most of them with three different buyin levels, low, medium, and high.

Unlike many other tournament series, where the buyin ranges can go into the hundreds of dollars, Ontario Micro Series will fittingly feature events with most buyins under $22, with a few higher buyin tournaments scattered throughout and a single Super High Roller event with a $265 price tag.

The Ontario Micro Series is already running at BetMGM Poker Ontario, and Ontario online poker players can get into the action right now. Create your BetMGM Poker account to get into today’s events and battle it out for big prize pools at accessible prices.

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Last verified: June 2024
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BetMGM Ontario Micro Series Highlights

  • Runs May 26 — June 10
  • Three buyin tiers with 87 events each
  • 150,000 in guaranteed prizes
  • 55 Main Event with a $10k guarantee
  • Phased $109 High Roller with an $8k guarantee
  • 265 Super High Roller with a $12.5k guarantee

Overlays Found in the Early Going

The Micro Series kicked-off on May 26 with a series of events across all three buyin tiers, including the $55 PKOpener which offered players some overlay, as the $4k prize pool was not quite met when only 72 players registered to take a shot at one of the bigger buyins of the festival.

On the other hand, some of the lower buyin events that played out over the last few days have managed to reach or shatter their guarantees, with a few of the events seeing over 100 entries in total.

Event #10-M, which only cost $3.30 to enter, only got six entries in total, which was enough for the tournament to run, but not nearly enough to reach the $125 guarantee, giving the six players who did show up to play a ton of extra value.

Overall, the Micro Series is offering players plenty of extra value so far, as overlays can be found in a decent chunk of the tournaments, with more overlays expected in the coming days.

Highest Value Events Still Ahead

The BetMGM Ontario Micro Series is still in its early days and all the most anticipated events are still to be played out, with a couple of those offering five-digit payouts regardless of attendance.

Between now and June 8, the festival will offer several $55 buyin events with guarantees between $2.5k and $4k, and these are quite likely to offer some extra money in the prize pool if early going is anything to judge by.

On June 3, the Series will offer a massive $109 PKO High Roller with a $8,000 guarantee, another good opportunity for an overlay and some good value for all the players who make their way in.

The highlight of the Series will be the $55 Main Event, which plays out on the final day of the festival and features a cool $10,000 guaranteed prize pool, making it one of the best-value events of the month.

The Series will conclude with a massive $265 Super High Roller, reserved for the players with a slightly bigger bankroll or those looking to take one major shot during the festival, with $12,500 guaranteed to be paid out in this single tournament.

Win Your Way Into the High Roller for the End

Just days before the Main Event, the $109 PKO High Roller event will start as well, featuring a huge $8,000 guaranteed prize pool and an opportunity to end the Series on a high note.

Considering the high buyin price of the PKO High Roller, BetMGM Poker ON has prepared a series of satellite tournaments for this particular event, allowing players to qualify for as low as $0.01.

The Centroll satellites are the most affordable way to get into contention for the PKO High Roller event, and while they may take a bit more effort, the return on your investment could be massive.

If you don’t have the patience to play the Centrolls, the $1.10 Phase 1 tournaments run daily, feeding players into the $5.50 Phase 2, leading to the Final Phase where at least 10 PKO High Roller tickets worth $109 will be given away.

The phased nature of this event makes it one of the best opportunities for micro stakes players to get a shot at a higher buyin tournament and a slice of an $8,000 prize pool, which could represent a significant boost to your bankroll and a path to higher stakes events in the future.

Join the Ontario Micro Series Today

The Ontario Micro Series at BetMGM Poker ON is in full swing and waiting for more players to join and grab their part of the $150,000 guaranteed prize pool across the dozens of events.

Whether you are an absolute beginner looking to play for the lowest of stakes or a fledgling tournament player looking to work your way up the stakes, the Ontario Micro Series is the perfect opportunity to take the next step in your poker career.

Join BetMGM Poker Ontario and enjoy up to three different versions of 87 different Micro Series events, while competing for thousands of dollars in prizes for the tiniest of investments.