New iPoker Client Rollout Nearly Complete


The new modern-looking iPoker client, which was first but into beta in October of last year, is being used by most of the network’s online poker rooms. In addition to being used in the dot-com market, the new client has even been rolled out into regulated markets such as France.

Bet365 was one of the first skins to try out the new client. Since then, other online poker rooms on the network have steadily moved to the new updated software.

While the legacy client is reportedly still available at some of the poker rooms on the network, nearly all of the approximately 64 online poker rooms on the network now offer the new updated client. However, some users are still clinging to the old familiar software.

Some players on the Two Plus Two poker forums are asking which rooms still offer the legacy software. In some instances, it seems that the compatibility with scripting tools and tracking software is more reliable with the older software.

Some online poker rooms are using special promotion to get their players to migrate over to the new client. For example, Paddy Power is offering players at its online poker room the opportunity to play in a daily €100 “All-In” Freeroll just for downloading and using the new client.

The new client boasts a whole new lobby experience for players and is presented in a very modern and flat design featuring large colorful tiles in place of the more traditional spreadsheet look and feel. In addition to reducing the amount of friction required for a player to get their money on the table, players also receive recommendations for what game they might like to play.

Tournament players will enjoy the new layout for tournament information such as current player rankings, maximum, minimum and average stack sizes, blind levels and payout information.

However, the table design of yesteryear is still available as an option for those players that still like the data-like look and feel to their online poker lobby.

The online poker tables have also seen an upgrade in the new client, giving off a more spacious look and feel. Important information such as stack sizes, pot sizes and remaining time left to act are all more prominent in the new design.

Following the industry trend, Playtech recently raised the amount of rake on some of its more popular games at the beginning of the year by increasing the rake cap from €3.00 to €4.00.

April 11, 2016