Bodog Upgrade Brings a Better Bet Slider and Tournament Information Tab
Key Takeaways
  • New exponential bet slider in Bodog software upgrade make it easier to get all in.
  • When all in there is now an onscreen equity display.
  • Tournament players get a tournament details tab.

Bodog’s latest software upgrade adds new table features and fixes a bug that unexpectedly caused some players to post a big blind.

The bug affected the “Wait for BB” option by automatically unchecking the selection box if the player in the big blind seat left. This led to players who expected not to post until they were in the big blind posting blinds in advance.

Improvements included an upgrade to the bet slider which now increments bets exponentially “allowing for more play/movement in the first half of the bar and less in the 2nd half.” The slider can also be operated by using the ”+” key.

Display features have also improved. There is now a tournament information table accessed through a new details tab. It shows your current position in the tournament, the number of players remaining in the tournament, average stack size, the next level and time until the next break.

A new animation shows folded cards sliding to the middle of the table, and for players who do not fold, but end up all in, there will now be an on table display of the equity held by each hand.