Cake Poker Permits HUDs

Cake Poker this week updated their Terms and Conditions to explicitly permit heads-up displays at the tables, pokerfuse has learned. The decision comes after an exclusive trial period since July that permitted the PokerTracker 3 HUD.

“[Cake Poker now allows] certain HUDs such as Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager which only tracks the players’ own play at the tables, and doesn’t allow the player access to a database of information about other players or share their own information with other players,” a Cake Poker rep confirmed.

Hold’em Manager already supports importing Cake hands, but has not displayed a HUD at the request of the network. HUDs will be of limited use, as players are permitted to change their screen names once a week, thus “making such tools redundant.”

“We feel this stays true to the conditions of a Brick and Mortar game,” the Cake support rep added.