Full Tilt Claims AGCC Ruling Makes Company Sale "More Difficult"

In a statement Thursday, Full Tilt Poker stated that the AGCC's decision to revoke its license has hindered the sale of the company to potential investors and thus shows “disregard for our players” and a “blow” to negotiations.

The statement, released on PokerStrategy.com, claims than an investor, in “advanced negotiations with the company,” testified at the hearing and outlined the terms and conditions of a potential purchase.

But the 30-day adjournment requested by Full Tilt, “to allow for transition of the company to the new investment team,” was denied, demonstrating a “disregard” for what Full Tilt believed was a “collaborative effort with the Commission to repay its players.”

The statement contradicts the earlier words of the AGCC, who underlined the fact that “the revocation of FTP’s license does not … prevent a reactivation of the business under new ownership and management.”