Ralph Unden, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

Danish poker pro Gus Hansen, former member of Team Full Tilt, will return as the face of Full Tilt Poker when it relaunches in November.

The press release today marks the first real marketing effort from the new team, and the first known signing of a professional player to represent the soon-to-be relaunched site.

“Gus is one of the best-known and most respected names in the poker community,” said Sarne Lightman, the newly-appointed Head of Marketing at Full Tilt Poker. “Gus has always embodied the best characteristics of the Full Tilt Poker brand and we are thrilled to have him return as an ambassador.”

“Expect plenty more news in the comings weeks,” added Lightman. “More international pros, exciting launch promotions and the return of Full Tilt Poker as the world’s most innovative poker site.”

Lightman, who took the position at Full Tilt in August following the PokerStars deal, was previously Director of Marketing for PokerStars LAPT.

Since the beginning, Gustav Hansen represented Full Tilt Poker as a top tier pro, and was a regular at the nosebleed tables. Frequently seeing seven-figure swings to his bankroll playing the highest stakes in limit, limit O8, no limit, and mixed rotation games, “The Great Dane” is understood to have been on a very good run just prior to Black Friday.

Hansen acknowledged that “there’s only one person who has more money on Full Tilt than me, and that’s Jungleman.” However, as an ex-FTP shareholder, it is unclear whether or not he had to forfeit his player balance as part of the three-way deal between Full Tilt, PokerStars and the DOJ.

Gus Hansen is not thought to have held a managerial position at the company and is considered to be unconnected with the mismanagement and subsequent controvery. He is not mentioned in any civil or criminal claims by the US DOJ.

Since the closure of Full Tilt, Hansen is rumored to be playing under the name “broksi” on PokerStars.