Haxton and Blom in $1m Winner-Takes-All Match

Railbirds rejoice. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton are to play yet another HU NL “SuperStar Showdown” match on PokerStars; but this time, both are to put up $500k and the game will continue until one player has won it all.

The game is $200/400 HU No-Limit Hold’em, and kicks off Saturday. The players will play for four hours and, if one of the two has not busted, the game will continue the next day for another four hours. Play will continue every day until only one player has chips remaining.

As with all “SuperStar Showdowns,” no rake is collected on these special tables, meaning the eventual victor will finish with a cool $1m.

The two have battled in two arranged “showdowns” before, both times Haxton the winner: The first was at 50/100 and the second at 100/200. In both occasions, the games finished after 2500 hands, with Ike up $47000 from the two games. This time, with no maximum hand cap, the result will dwarf the current standing between the two.

The match commences on Saturday at 1pm ET.