iPoker Rolls Out New Features: Faster Deal, Rematch, Shootouts and HU Tourneys
Key Takeaways
  • Heads-up and shootout tournaments will debut today on the primary iPoker dot-com network.
  • A new card dealing mechanism will speed up the game.
  • HU rematch feature also going live.

New features across the iPoker network will be rolled out Monday, including new tournament variants, faster dealing, and a new heads up rematch feature.

The new feature set was first reported by pokerfuse back in April, and the client software was rolled out to players at the end of May. Today, many of these new features will be deployed.

Heads-up and Shootout tournaments will debut on the primary iPoker dot-com network. SNGs in Hold’em and PLO games, with buyins ranging from $1 to $200, will be added to the lobby, and MTTs will run every 20 minutes. Shootout tournaments will roll out to regulated markets over the next week.

On top of this, the network is introducing a new card dealing mechanism which will speed up the game. Cards are dealt out to all players simultaneously, rather than one after the other, so the action starts faster.

iPoker will also now support a rematch feature for heads-up SNGs. Once a game is complete, players will have the option of inviting their opponent to play again.

Playtech-owned iPoker is the largest network of online poker rooms serving the international dot-com market, and third behind the independent rooms Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. It also operates regulated networks in France, Italy and Spain, and its software is also used in Serbia and Finland.