Note: This article is an abridged version of an article previously published on pokerfuse PRO.

Euro Partners, a marketing subsidiary owned by Playtech, has withdrawn from the Canadian, Dutch and Finnish online gaming markets, affecting players on poker rooms Titan Poker and Mansion.

As pokerfuse PRO revealed last week, adherence to “pending regulations” in the countries was cited as the reason for departure.

Euro Partners is an affiliate program promoting casinos and online poker rooms running Playtech software. Affiliates have been requested to remove advertising links for customers in the three blacklisted countries, and affected players have been contacted directly.

The decision was one taken by Euro Partners. Other iPoker skins are unaffected.

The Netherlands will introduce new gaming laws by 2015, and licensee hopefuls must tread carefully not to promote the product in the Dutch language. Playtech’s interpretation of Finnish gaming law also forced its recently-acquired PokerStrategy to pull its Finnish language operations.

The Canadian withdrawal is less clear. There is no known pending regulation at the federal level, and offshore sites operate and advertise in Canada alongside Canadian sites regulated at the provincial level. Offshore sites are not targetted or blocked, and there is no known pending legislation to strengthen these powers.

Genting, which operates a poker room on iPoker, withdrew from Canada and other jurisdictions in 2011.

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This is an abridged version of an article previously published on pokerfuse PRO.

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