Isildur1 Stuns Fans with a Double SCOOP of Victory

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has done it again. Yesterday he won SCOOP event 3, a $535 6 max No Limit Hold’em rebuy tournament and added another $160,000 to his bankroll. Back-to-back SCOOP wins have thrust him to the top of the poker pyramid.

PokerStars SCOOP 2012 has only just begun and already it has created a sensation. Blom has now won over $400,000 in just two tournaments and there are plenty more for him to play before the series ends on May 20.

In November 2009, Isildur1 became a cult figure in online poker after his nosebleed stakes heads up matches against the best in the world on Full Tilt Poker. He has played all ten of the largest pots ever played in online poker.

In a relentless series of matches against Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Isildur decimated Dwan’s total net worth, taking $5 million off him in less than a week. Blom then went on a roller-coaster few months, winning and losing millions of dollars in heavily-railed HU matches.

In a highly controversial match against Brian Hastings, Blom lost $4.2 million in 5 hours. Hastings lost his FullTilt red star pro status for 30 days after admitting that he had shared hands with Brian Townsend and Cole South, contrary to the site’s terms and conditions.

Now that Isildur is over 21 he is legally allowed to play in the World Series in Las Vegas. The chances of him winning a bracelet will be very high indeed if he can maintain this form.