Nanonoko to Set New Poker Endurance World Record

PokerStars Pro and notorious high-volume grinder Randy “nanonoko” Lew is planning to set a new world record for number of poker hands played over a certain time period. The event will take place live during the The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January.

Specifics of the world record – how long it will last and how many hands he will try to play – has not yet been set. Today’s announcement comes after PokerStars posted publicly on the 2+2 poker forums soliciting ideas for a new record.

The endurance-style record is fitting for nanonoko, who is recognized for his exceptionally high-volume play. A perennial Supernova Elite, he plays 24-tables at mid- to high-stakes NL, frequently logging over 150,000 hands a month. He has won over $2m dollars in the last three years playing a staggering 5m hands of poker.