A high stakes player repeatedly warned for rules violations and “buttoning” his opponents, has received a lifetime ban on PokerStars.

Players have complained that the player with screen name Jama-dharma, who plays from $10/$20 up to $1000/$2000 in Fixed Limit Hold’em games, has abused the PokerStars software by starting games and quitting before having to post a big blind.

According to the player himself, who posts on 2+2 under the account name feruell, PokerStars previously warned him, “we must make this perfectly clear to you, there are no second chances. If you are still found to be abusing the blinds or are found to be angle-shooting in any other way, your account will be permanently closed.”

Following this warning, four further reports of “buttoning” against the player were made. Subsequently his account was permanently banned, though the player has full facility to withdraw his funds.

On PokerStars software, the 'six’ seat will receive the button on the first hand dealt at a table. By waiting at fresh tables, Jama-dharma is accused of repeatedly starting and leaving before having to post a blind. Though quitting games when a game fills is perfectly permissible, a broad “button abuse” policy in the PokerStars rules prohibits strategically skipping blinds to the detriment of other players.