The player-to-player transfer facility on rooms on the iPoker network has been suspended network-wide, pokerfuse has learned.

It is not yet known if the suspension is permanent. A network spokesperson was not immediately available to comment.

Until now, the player to player transfer facility on iPoker allowed players to send funds from their real money balance to another player, although the facility was fairly restrictive.

It only permitted transfers between players on the same poker room, not across the network. The sender was required to know the name and email address of the recipient in order to initiate a transfer, the accounts of sender and recipient needed to be held in the same currency.

Despite these restrictions, player to player transfers were popular among certain players, particularly for stakers and stakees.

iPoker, the largest international online poker network, has outperformed the market in recent months thanks to a string of high profile signings, including Coral Poker and Betfair. Its iPOPS tournament series is currently underway.

Plans for a major platform upgrade, including mobile apps and a new VIP system, are expected soon.