PokerStars “Road to 100 billion” About to Reach 90 Billionth Hand

PokerStars is putting another million dollars into free prizes as the 90 billionth hand to be played on the site approaches.

The winner of the big hand will get a minimum of $20k, but there will be prizes for every millionth hand en route.

Each of the 300 milestone hands in the run up to the magic number will qualify for a share of the prize fund.

All players dealt into a milestone hand will receive a minimum $20 plus $60 for each VPP earned during the previous 50 hands. The hand’s winner will then have his payout doubled. Zoom table cash hands won’t be included in the promotion.

It has taken PokerStars only three months to get from hand 85 billion to 90 billion. Hand 100 billion should arrive sometime in May next year, and players can expect an even bigger promotion when it hits.