PokerStars to Simplify Lobby with Merger of "Regular" and "Fast" Tables PokerStars to Simplify Lobby with Merger of "Regular" and "Fast" Tables
frimlik, SXC Standard Restrictions

In a move signaled last August, PokerStars has announced changes to ring game table speeds. The separation of Fast and Normal speed tables will end across all games and stakes.

The time allowed to act will now be based on only two factors: The game type, and the previous action. Preflop decisions in unraised pots will be allotted less time, with more complex preflop and all postflop decisions having more.

The new table is as follows:

Game Format First Round, not facing raise All other times
Fixed Limit, Zoom and CAP 15s 20s
All big bets (non-CAP) at $5/$10 and above 20s 30s
All other tables 18s 25s

The previous timings allowed 15s for Fixed Limit and 18s for Big Bet games on fast tables and 25s and 35s respectively at Normal tables.

The warning that players are running out of time will now go off when there are eight seconds remaining. Previously Normal tables allowed 15 seconds.

If the option to “auto-muck” is not activated, players will have two seconds to decide whether to show before the hand is mucked.

The changes will be implemented this week and lobby banners will warn players to expect the new timings. Currently the lobby shows fast and normal tables. The timings are being implemented first on the “fast” tables, and then when normal tables are phased out next week the “fast” moniker will be dropped.