Revolution Software Bugs at the Root of Disappearing Money

Recurring software problems centering on missing player funds have plagued the first few days of action at Lock Poker’s brand-new home, Revolution Gaming.

The new network, which is a partial rebranding of the former Cake Poker Network, has immediately become one of the largest US-facing online rooms with its launch, but continues to struggle with fallout from the problem.

Players became alarmed in the days following the late May 31 rollout after balances from cash tables and winnings from SNGs failed to be deposited in the players’ cashier-based balances.

Forum postings from a Revolution representative cited unexpected software glitches as the cause of the issues. According to a rep posting on the 2+2 forums, an overflowing transfer queue was at the root of at least one of the software problems, causing cash transfers to fail and be returned to an unprocessed state, creating an unresolved loop.

The same site rep indicated that at least two software fixes were made in the past several days in an attempt to address the problem.

The problems magnify ongoing support problems with the new network, which appears to struggling in its efforts to ramp up customer support and overall processing speed to meet the new network’s increased demand. Several tales of unresponsive customer support — some extending for weeks — pepper several poker forums.

Revolution has also been tardy in rolling out a new corporate website, with Lock Poker’s online home at still the most relevant of several slightly outdated sites affiliated with the Curacao-based network.