Unibet Adds "Challenges" VIP System in Latest Upgrade

Unibet’s latest software upgrade has implemented its innovative “Challenges” VIP system. The upgrade includes a number of other improvements to the newly released proprietary poker client.

The Challenges VIP system does not base rewards solely on rake paid. As players complete “steps” they are awarded points based on the stake level they are playing and then are challenged with new steps.

Minor steps are all pre-flop and include objectives such as “raise a hand and win preflop 10 times.” Major steps are postflop and include things like flopping sets, or seeing certain cards on the flop. Each time a step is completed, points are awarded and a new step is issued.

The innovation applies to cash games; however, tournament and Sit and Go players use the standard system of receiving points per €1 of rake. As soon as players have earned enough points they get a bonus payout.

The Unibet “mission” for April has been designed to introduce players to the Challenges VIP scheme.

Other features of the upgrade include the facility to spectate at a table, a new table background, and the ability to open a hand history directly from the table. A few software bugs have also been fixed.