Zoom Poker Stakes Continue to Rise

PokerStars has once again raised the stakes in its popular fast-fold poker variant: Zoom Poker. The new stake level of $2.50/$5 at No Limit Hold’em is exclusive to Zoom tables indicating that PokerStars is testing more than just the functionality of the software.

Competitors such as Unibet and the Instadeal Network have launched their own fast fold games but until now the highest stakes have been 50c/$1. PokerStars new stake level is designed to attract both $2/$4 and $3/$6 players and provide higher stakes action.

It is unlikely that the competing sites have sufficient player liquidity to compete at the higher level, but as the format catches on this may well change. PokerStars’ Steve Day recently suggested that the site was thinking of moving all its high stakes ring games to Zoom.