Sweeps Coin Secrets: Get More Rewards at US Sweepstakes Casinos Sweeps Coin Secrets: Get More Rewards at US Sweepstakes Casinos

Whether you have been playing at real money sweepstakes casinos for a little while or are just getting into it, the question of how to obtain (more) Sweeps Coins is equally gripping. Since you can redeem these Sweeps Coins (SC) for gift cards and cash prizes, they are the “holy grail” of Sweeps gaming sites.

Those new to the concept may be confused and even overwhelmed with how things work and how to go about procuring SCs. The good news is that none of it is as complicated as it may seem at first, and once you crack the code on one site, you will have no problems navigating the rest of them.

But let us get back to our original question and the main topic of this article. In the text to follow, you will learn about all the different ways you can obtain Sweeps Coins and keep your gaming balance nice and healthy.

Different Ways of Obtaining Sweeps Coins

  1. Free Gift — Typically, when purchasing Gold Coin packages
  2. Alternative Methods of Entry (AMOE) — Missions, snail mail, etc.
  3. Promotions — Leaderboards, rakeback, raffles, etc.
  4. Winning — Playing the casino games you enjoy
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1. Purchasing Gold Coin Packages

The simplest and most straightforward way to obtain Sweeps Coins is by purchasing Gold Coin packages offered by the sites. Every time you purchase GCs, you will receive a certain amount of SCs as a reward for your patronage.

The rules are not set in stone, but most sweepstakes casinos in the US will reward you with an amount of SCs that is equal to your purchase. That is to say, the amount of Sweeps Coins you receive can be redeemed for a reward worth approximately the same as what you spent buying Gold Coins.

On top of this, there are often special sales that can be open to new customers or to everyone. When these sales are active, purchasing certain packages will provide even more SCs. For example, a purchase of $10 can result in a reward valued at $15 when redeeming SCs for prizes.

2. Alternate Methods of Entry

There are ways to obtain Sweeps Coins that require absolutely no purchase, and all sweepstakes casinos in the United States offer some of these. They are usually described as the Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE), giving you a chance to boost the SC balance without risk involved.

One of the most popular AMOE opportunities involves a good old snail mail, and you will find that all Sweeps sites provide this option in one way or another. To claim SCs via this method, you will need to send a letter or a postcard to the operator’s physical address containing the relevant information, i.e.:

  1. Your Name
  2. Surname
  3. Address
  4. Sweepstakes site username
  5. Purpose (sweepstakes participation or something along these lines)

Every site has its rules regarding how often you can claim free SCs this way and how much you will receive for every letter, but the procedure is pretty much the same across the board. The only money you will have to spend is the postage fees.

In addition to the snail mail method, all sites feature a variety of AMOEs, such as daily login rewards and free-to-enter competitions, allowing you to claim some free Sweeps Coins on the regular.

For example, right now, Stake.us Casino will give you 1 SC (Stake Cash) completely free every day — you just need to log in and pick up your reward. With the Funrize Wheel at Funrize Casino, you can get up to 500 Promotional Entries (the site’s equivalent of Sweeps Coins) on a daily basis.

If you are ready to go a step further, it is worth following your favorite sweeps operators on their social media channels, too. Here, you will often come across time-limited promotions awarding a decent number of Sweeps Coins and will have a good shot at winning simply because the competition is not as big.

3. Promos & Competitions Awarding Sweeps Coins

If you actively look for ways to top up that SC balance, you will find that all sites offer myriad promotions to help you achieve that goal.

Almost all US sweepstakes casinos offer slot tournaments and various game leaderboards with SC prizes. To get involved, you will usually need some SCs to be able to play the games, but the competitions themselves do not have entry fees.

In addition to offering opportunities to claim extra SCs, these types of tournaments can be a lot of fun, allowing you to discover some new games and adding a competitive element to the gaming experience. While there is no skill involved in playing slots, it is still fun to try and get luckier than other players, hitting a big win multiplier or achieving a better score over the given time or spin limit.

There are no downsides to entering these competitions as long as you enjoy the featured games, so it is one of the most entertaining ways to obtain some extra Sweeps Coins while having a blast.

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4. Win Sweeps Coins Playing Games

This one is pretty obvious, but the fastest (albeit not the safest) way to boost your Sweeps Coin balance is by playing the games on the site. A good bonus round on a sweeps slot can return several hundred times your bet, and many sweepstakes sites have progressive jackpot games where tens of thousands of coins are up for grabs.

Since there is no way to guarantee you will win when you play, combining your gaming efforts with another promotion, like a slot tournament, is always a good strategy. If a prize pool is solid, you will effectively play a game with a boosted RTP, at least for the duration of the tournament.

Some sweepstakes casinos also offer table games like blackjack, where your skills and knowledge of the game play an important role. If this type of challenge is appealing, you can boost your SC balance by playing some blackjack hands, sticking a solid basic strategy, and looking for a good run of cards.

With all these different ways to obtain Sweeps Coins, you should be all set to move on to the fun part. Pick your favorite option from our list of the Best Sweepstakes Casinos in the US, and start growing your Sweeps Coin balance!

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