Crypto for Sweepstakes Casinos: A Beginner's Handbook Crypto for Sweepstakes Casinos: A Beginner's Handbook

The hype around Sweepstakes Casinos and Sweepstakes Sportsbooks is at a high level right now, as players across the state can legally play favorite games online by using a sweepstakes model rather than a typical gambling model.

One piece of information that many online gamblers interested in trying out a Sweepstakes Casino or Sweepstakes Sportsbook seek is how to open a crypto account and make their deposits, since normal transactions are not available with some of the operators. For example, one of the biggest sweepstakes providers only accepts crypto as the deposit method.

In this guide, we will explain the easiest way to open a crypto account with one of the most popular and trusted wallets in the world and use it to fund sweepstakes casino or sportsbook accounts. The whole process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes of your time even if you never had an experience with cryptocurrencies before as it’s easy to grasp on.

How To Join The Action at Crypto Sweepstakes Casinos

The first thing you are going to need is an account with a sweepstakes or social casino. We are promoting five different social casinos at the moment which can be found in this page. Choose one or more sweepstakes casinos and complete the registration by setting up a username and password.

Step two is to obtain cryptocurrencies accepted by the casino. In most cases, all sweepstakes casinos are accepting popular crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Tether, Cardano and others. To get your hands onto these specific currencies, casino players will need to open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange and purchase those required digital assets with real money.

After obtaining the crypto, simply head to the cashier and make deposit. Once done, you will be able to buy operator’s digital products (sweeps tokens and coins) and receive free sweepstakes entries which can be used for all casino games in the library to win real money.

If you end up winning some cash, the withdrawal process through the cryptocurrency exchange is the same. Convert your winnings into tokens, redeem them for real cash and select “Cryptocurrency” as the withdrawal method. The house will pay you out in desired crypto, which you can convert in the exchange (like for example).

Owning a Crypto Wallet

Even though a popularity of cryptocurrencies in the US has slightly declined in the last couple of months, there are still many positive sides to owning a crypto wallet. It’s needed for everyone who wants to invest or use cryptocurrencies.

There are so many reputable wallets available nowadays, including:

  • Trust Wallet
  • Electrum
  • Mycelium
  • Kraken
  • Exodus

They are simple to use, compatible with different devices, secure and have customer support.

Choose one of those, install a software on your mobile device or PC/laptop and the wallet is going to be created automatically. Just make sure to do it from the official app store to avoid downloading malicious programs.

The next part is the registration. Create an account by filling in standard information such full name, address, e-mail, date of birth and such. Some of the abovementioned wallets do require their users to complete the verification process, which usually includes taking a selfie with a government-issued ID.

After your account is set, you are ready to transfer your assets which can be done in multiple ways:

  • Direct deposits from your bank account
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies
  • Send/receive crypto from another wallet

After transferring the assets, simply log in to your Sweepstakes Casino or Sportsbook, select “Cryptocurrency” as the deposit method and complete the transaction. Simple as that! All of the operators we promote in our general Sweepstakes Casino guide do accept Crypto as the deposit/withdrawal option. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions, as well as potential fees for this type of transaction.

To summarize the entire process, here is a short step by step guide on how to open a crypto wallet:

  1. Choose one of the wallet providers from our list above
  2. Download their official app
  3. Complete the registration and verify the account (if required)
  4. Fund your wallet either by depositing from your bank account or transfer your crypto from other wallet