UnderStand PointsBet Sportsbook's Special Features: Name a Bet & Partial Cash Out UnderStand PointsBet Sportsbook's Special Features: Name a Bet & Partial Cash Out

PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the most modern Ontario sports betting apps, offering thousands of betting markets and some of the most innovative features out there. The operator was among the first wave of sports books to launch in the province, going live on April 4.

Among others, PointsBet has introduced “Name a Bet” and “Partial Cash Out” features, both of which are very useful to sports bettors and not found on many other sports betting sites.

If you are looking for a new bookmaker to join, PointsBet Sportsbook has plenty of great upsides to offer, and these features are right at the top of the list. Let’s find out how you can use them and what they bring to the table.

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Last verified: September 2023
PointsBet Sportsbook is open in Ontario!
  • Same game NBA parlays
  • Good mobile apps
  • Easy deposits & withdrawals
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Name a Bet — Bet on Anything You Like

Even though modern online sports betting operators offer a lot of different betting markets, there are always some limitations to what you can bet on.

After all, there is a countless array of events that could happen in any sports game, and bookmakers can’t possibly offer every single option to bet on.

Yet, if you have a particular idea of a bet you would like to place, PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario now lets you make your own bet with the Name a Bet feature.

Simply click the Name a Bet button on the left-hand side dropdown menu on the site and you will be presented with the opportunity to send in your bet and try to get it approved.

You can literally bet on anything you want, although the odds of PointsBet refusing your bet grow as your requests become more obscure.

If you simply want to push the line in some markets, the operator will accommodate you and present you with a reasonable price for your newly invented market.

On the other hand, if you want to bet on a player getting struck by a lightning during a game, there is some chance PointsBet shuts you down, but also that they give you a million-to-one betting odds.

The Name a Bet feature makes betting with PointsBet very fun as it is one of the few betting operators out there who offer such an option.

Partial Cashout to Hedge Your Bets

If you bet on sports regularly, you have been in a situation where your bet is doing well until the last minute of a game, only to go south in the dying moments.

There is no worse feeling in sports betting than this, which is why sportsbooks invented the Cashout feature, which allows you to cash out your bet at slightly worse odds before the game is actually over.

Now, PointsBet has taken Cashout to a new level with the Partial Cashout feature, which allows you to cash out a part of your bet, while still leaving some of the bet intact.

This means you can secure a win, especially on a strong winning parlay, while still leaving a part of the bet out there and getting paid in full on that portion of your bet at the end.

Partial Cashout is a brilliant way to hedge your bets with parlay betting and another innovative feature that makes PointsBet Sportsbook one of the best plaes to bet on sports today.