Available to players in New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the $100 bonus at PokerStars Casino is our #1 recommended bonus for new online casino players. After wagering just $1, you can claim $100 worth of casino perks — That’s an incredible value.

PokerStars USA $100 casino bonusThis bonus is not easy to find — PokerStars promotes its other bonuses to new players, like the $150 and $600 bonuses. But these are mostly for poker players — we believe the $100 bonus is the best for casino players.

How it works, in a nutshell: Sign up to PokerStars US (no bonus code needed!), deposit, and opt-in to the $100 bonus in your account. Bet $1, and the bonus is issued as a mix of casino credits and bonus spins over a five-day period. Every day (starting on the day you sign up), you get a $10 casino bonus to play on any games, plus 50 free spins (also valued at $10) to play on slots.

Confirmed: Bonus is active is New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We last checked on April 30, 2024, and can confirm this deal is still available to all new players.
PokerStars Casino $100 Bonus
🔥 Bonus Value$100
🎰 What’s Inside$50 in Casino Credits & 250 Bonus Spins
⚖️ WageringTwo Redemptions Points for $1
🧔 Available ToAll new players

While you don’t get to use the full amount at once, the upside is that you’re guaranteed to have some fun for the next few days and experience different parts of the casino — and the whole time you’re playing with the casino’s money, not yours.

The PokerStars Casino $100 bonus provides an amazing opportunity to win some money using house credits. But it can be confusing how it works — and how to make the most of it. That’s where this guide comes in.

We’ll explain how to sign up and opt-in, the mechanics of the promotion, the best games and slots to play, and highlight common player mistakes and pitfalls. And while there is no foolproof strategy to turn your bonus into actual cash, we’ll provide some tips that let you take full advantage of this generous offer and give you the best chances of winning money.

Don’t have a PokerStars US account yet? You can claim this bonus. The only restriction is that you haven’t already signed up to PokerStars US (and if you have an old international PokerStars poker account from years ago, that doesn’t count — you can sign up again and still claim the bonus!) You need to be in PA, MI or NJ in order to play.

PokerStars Casino $100 Bonus: How to Claim

Here are seven things you first need to know before jumping in.

  1. All new players that sign up to PokerStars Casino with this link can claim $100 worth of bonus perks.
  2. The offer is open to anyone living in — or visiting — Michigan, Pennsylvania or New Jersey — the three states PokerStars offers its online casino.
  3. Once signed up, make a deposit of any amount.
  4. Opt-in for the offer from your account.
  5. Place a wager of $1 on any casino game of your choosing.
  6. This will immediately trigger the bonus package, and the first of five days starts immediately.
  7. Each day, you get $10 in casino credits and 50 free spins.
Do I need a bonus code to claim the PokerStars Casino $100 bonus? No. Anyone who signs up with this link can claim the $100 bonus — you just need to deposit and then opt-in.

You will need to place a qualifying wager within five days from opening your account. This is an important thing to keep in mind, as if you don’t claim the bonus within this time, the offer will expire. So, if you’re interested in this offer, you should open an account when you’re ready to make a deposit.

The wager will trigger the bonus package, which is distributed over the course of five days, starting with the day you place the qualifying bet. Every day, you will receive a new chest containing $10 in Casino Credits and 50 bonus spins.

PokerStars Casino $10 in Daily Credits: How it Works

The $10 Bonus Credits are yours to enjoy on any game. You can sit down and try out table games, video poker, slots — anything you like. Your $10 bonus will be used as you place bets.

The only “catch” here is that you can’t just immediately withdraw bonus money or any money you win when playing with it — bonuses cannot be cashed out. However, you can “convert” the bonus into cash, and that can be withdrawn. To do that, you need to earn enough redemption points by playing games.

The rule to remember here is that you need to earn 2 redemption points (RPs) for every $1 in casino bonus. So, unlocking the $10 bonus credit you receive each day requires 20 redemption points. For the entire bonus, you’ll be getting $50 in bonus credits, so you need to generate 100 RPs.

So, how do you earn redemption points, you’re probably asking? That’s where things get a little complicated. The simple answer is that you earn points by playing casino games. Almost all games count, except live dealer games. However, not all games generate RPs at the same rate.

The Four Golden Rules of Converting Bonuses at PokerStars Casino
  • You can’t cash out bonuses or winnings from bonuses until you “convert” them to cash by playing casino games.
  • They need to earn 2 redemption points (RPs) for every dollar of bonus.
  • You don’t earn any RPs on Live Dealer games.
  • The higher the house edge, the faster you earn RPs.

50 Slots Spins Every Day: How to Use Them

The free spins can be used on select slots at PokerStars Casino US that you’ll find listed in the table below. We’ve included the RTP (return to player), which is how much of each bet on average is returned to you. It is basically the inverse of “house edge.” The higher the RTP, the better your odds.

The best game in the list by RTP is Royal Rush, 96.50%. That means for every $1 you bet on the game, you can expect to win back 96.5 cents. It’s probably the best game to play, and it has a 4000x max win too. The only downside is the ten cents min bet; there’s three games that go to five cents.

Slot RTP Min. Bet Paylines Max Win
Stars Invaders 94% $0.05 5 300x
Diamond Stars Classic 95.23% $0.05 5 300x
Pharaoh’s Loot Classic 94% $0.20 243 N/A
Stars Classic 93.99% $0.20 20 500x
Frog of Fortune 95.09% $0.60 20 1,250x
Tomb of Ra Classic 95% $0.05 5 500x
Royal Rush 96.50% $0.10 10 4,000x
Wilbur’s Wild Wonder Land 95% $0.20 20 12,500x

PokerStars USA $100 Welcome Bonus: Best Games to Clear the Bonus

To recap, every day for five days, you get a two-part bonus:

  1. $10 in credits that you can use across the site, but have to be converted to cash through play.
  2. 50 free spins that will result in more credits you can use to play with.

And remember, before you can withdraw any of the money, you need to earn two Redemption Points for every $1 in Casino Credits received. If you like, you can not really worry about this — just enjoy the casino, play the games you want to play, and watch as you accrue redemption points. Once you have enough, you can withdraw.

However, if you’re reading this guide, you probably want to apply a bit of strategy to give yourself the best shot at turning those bonus credits into real money. Here are our recommendations.

Start with Your Free Spins

We recommend you start every day by first playing through the 50 spins. Whatever the amount you win, it will be added straight to your cash balance.

You can then use this amount together with $10 Casino Credits to meet the required wagering to clear the casino credits. The extra bankroll gives you a much higher chance to complete the wagering requirement and be left with cash you can withdraw.

At PokerStars Casino US, the formula for earning RPs isn’t straightforward: the number of points earned for every $1 wagered depends on the RTP of the game.

The lower the RTP, the higher the number of points you get for every wager. Because of this, slots are actually the smart choice for players looking to max their bonus — as long you don’t mind the high variance.

Slots: The Smart Choice for Clearing the Bonus Quickly

Let’s look at an average slot with a RTP of 96% – 97%, You will earn one redemption point for every $3 to $3.50 you wager (the exact amount varies for each slot). To release your $10 in casino credits, you need 20 points, so you’ll need to wager around $65 in total.

At 97% RTP, on average when you bet $65 you’ll get back $63 — a loss of about $2 (and the math is the same regardless of whether you do that in one big spin or lots of little ones). So you’ll keep $8 of your $10.

High RTP Slots are our recommended choice for players looking to clear the bonus fast. It won’t take too long, you can win big, and you can try a variety of slots.

However, that’s just an average — slots have very high variance. Most of the time, you lose a lot more than 97% — and then, when you’re lucky, you’ll win many tens of hundreds of times your bet.

So keep that in mind. But from a straight “expected value” perspective, slots can be a great choice. It’s also quick to wager $65 on a slot, even when you bet the minimum, so it won’t take you a long time to clear the bonus daily.

Tables Games — A Lot More Play Through

If slots are not your cup of tea, you can also use your bonus to play electronic table games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Your Casino Credits are valid for pretty much all games on the site except for live dealer tables – these you can only play with real money.

The challenge with this is that table games have much lower wagering contributions, so it will take you much longer to turn Casino Credits into cash. In the table below, you can find Redemption Point rates for some of the most popular table games:

Game Wager for 1 Redemption Point Wager to release $10
Roulette $12 $240
American Roulette $6 $120
Baccarat $30 $600
Blackjack $30 $600
Heads Up Hold’em $50 $1,000

So lets take Blackjack. The house edge on this is typically around 0.5% if you play optimal strategy, the equivalent of a 99.5% RTP. However, you need to wager $600 — so you will expect to lose around $3.

That still means on average you’ll get to keep $7 of your $10 bonus. That’s actually a bit less than playing a 97% RTP slot. It will also take you a lot longer to wager $600 at Blackjack — especially if you bet a low amount like 25 cents a hand.

And that’s a good thing, if you enjoy playing Blackjack! And the upside is that the variance of Blackjack is much lower than slots, so you have a higher chance of completing the wagering requirement without busting — especially if you bet small every hand.

Video Poker Also Has High RTP — But Worse Value than Slots

The situation is similar for video poker. These are games with a very low house edge, resulting in much lower wagering contributions. To earn one point, you need to wager $21 on a game like All American, and all the way up to $70 on Jacks or Better!

Game Wager for 1 Redemption Point Wager to release $10
Jacks or Better $70 $1,400
Aces and Faces $43 $860
Tens or Better $37 $740
Double Bonus Poker $36 $720
Double Double Bonus $31 $620
Joker Poker $30 $600
Deuces Wild $29 $580
Triple Bonus Poker $25 $500
Aces and Eights $23 $460
All American $21 $420

Perfect strategy on good Jacks or Better games can have an RTP as high as Blackjack — 99.5%. But with $1400 to wager to clear a $10 bonus, you will lose $7 of that moount. So we only recommend this choice if you’re a big fan of playing a lot of video poker.

Picking something like Deuces Wild might look more appealing — the requirement for that is only $600. However, perfect strategy at Deuces Wild has an RTP of around 99%, but with a $850 wagering requirement, that’s still a loss of $5.80, and this game has very high variance.

In summary, if video poker is your game of choice, you can definitely clear the $10 bonus on a variety of games — just keep in mind that its a very high wagering requirement, a high risk of ruin, and your expected value is lower than slots or some table games.

Best Strategy to Clear the PokerStars Bonus

We recommend one of two strategies to clear the $10 bonus each day — slow and steady, if you want to get the most play on the bonus and your best chance of finishing with bonus in your account; or high-volatility, if you want to try and run up a big win each day.

Let’s break it down.

These strategies work for all game types. While we recommend high RTP slots to clear the bonus, both of these strategies work just as well for video poker games and table games like Jacks or Better. So you can pick your preferred game and even try a variety, whichever strategy you employ.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

If your goal is to have some fun and beat the wagering with little something left in the end, the best way to go is to find a low volatility slot and play at very low stakes.

For example, if you have $15 to work with ($10 Casino Credits and $5 won from bonus spins for that day), you can play at $0.05 tot $0.20 a spin on a game that doesn’t have a huge maximum win.

This usually means the slot is not very volatile and offers many smaller wins along the way. Two picks we like here are Tomb of Ra Classic or Royal Rush.

The upside of this approach is that you’ll get a fair amount of playtime no matter what, and with a bit of luck, you can still get a decent win, which will help ensure you get through the wagering.

The downside is that you’ll rarely end up with much more than the original $15. In most cases, if you do manage to gather the required points, you’ll have an amount close to what you’d started with.

You can also try this strategy at table games. With Blackjack, you can bet as low as 10 cents and if you play correct strategy, there’s a good chance you walk away with most of your $10 (and if you’re lucky, you can of course win more). Of course, as detailed you do have to wager a lot at the table games, so just be aware of the number of hands you’ll have to play.


Another way you can go about tackling the $100 PokerStars Casino bonus is by playing a high-volatility game at higher stakes.

So, with $15, you can find a slot with a big maximum win (10,000x or more) and start wagering at $0.50 a spin. If you manage to trigger the bonus round or land a big win in the base game, you can easily go up to $100 or more.

At this point, you can up the bet once again, making it $1 a spin, and continue at it until you reach the required number of points, which, at this bet size, won’t take a long time.

The advantages of this approach are quite obvious. You’re giving yourself a shot at a big win, and when things go your way, you’ll complete the wagering in no time.

On the other hand, because of the nature of high-volatility games, you’re not giving yourself too much time to get lucky. So, quite often, you’ll end up just losing the starting balance in a few minutes.

PokerStars Casino Alternative Bonuses

The $100 bonus is an excellent deal, giving you the chance to explore a lot of the casino across five days of play, and giving you the chance to win big playing with house money.

However, it’s not the only bonus PokerStars offers. If you play poker, you might also want to consider one of their operators other bonuses. One is a hybrid poker-casino deal; the other is 100% a poker offer.

In general, unless you’re already a poker player, you’ll get more value out of this $100 casino bonus. But to understand the full choice available, read below.

You can only pick on offer — choose wisely!
  • The $100 casino bonus offers by far the most value for casino players — $50 in pure bonus + 250 free spins. This is the best choice unless you’re a big poker player.
  • The $150 hybrid poker and casino bonus is our recommendation for small stakes poker players, because the majority of the bonus is in poker tickets.
  • We only recommend the $600 poker-only bonus for serious poker players with big bank rolls.

$150 in Combined Casino & Poker Freebies

If you enjoy casino games and also like playing poker, PokerStars offers a welcome bonus with the total value of $150, which trumps the $100 casino-only bonus in pure value.

However, the difference is that this offer consists mostly of poker tournament tickets; there’s only $50 value in casino credits and bonus spins. This is great if you play poker, as you can pick up some extra value and also check out the poker side of things, but not as soon for those who want more casino value.

We only recommend the $150 or $600 bonuses if you’re primarily a poker player. While the headline figures might be larger, most of it is wrapped up in poker play. If you’re not a big poker player already, the casino deal probably has more value.

If you opt in for this bonus, you’ll need to place a $1 casino wager or play one hand at poker cash game tables. The bonus is issued across the span of six days, starting with the day of the qualifying wager, and it breaks down as follows:

  • Day 0: 50 tickets for $1 Spin & Go tournaments and two (2) tickets for $5 Spin & Go tournaments
  • Day 1: 50 Bonus Spins to use on select slots (in NJ, its $10 casino bonus)
  • Day 2: One (1) $10 ticket for multi-table tournaments and two (2) $5 Spin & Go tickets
  • Day 3: $10 Casino Credits
  • Day 4: Two (2) $10 tickets for multi-table tournaments
  • Day 5: $30 Casino Credits

In total, this works out as:

  • $100 in poker tournament tickets (3 $10 MTT, 4 $5 spin and gos, 50 $1 spin and gos)
  • $40 in casino credit
  • $10 worth bonus spins (50)

As you can see, this is heavily weighted towards poker — if you’re more a casino player, than the $100 bonus is going to be better. In particular, one third of this bonus is in 50 tickets to $1 spin and gos — that’s a lot of poker you have to play to get the most value.

Poker Deposit Match Bonus up to $600

There’s a third bonus available — a pure poker bonus that will match your deposit up to $600.

That’s a lot of bonus money: But it’s for serious poker players only. You need to clear the bonus through poker play, and to release the full $600 you’lll need to deposit $600 yourself, and then pay over $1500 in rake at poker tables to clear the bonus. That can be many weeks of playing poker to release that bonus as cash.

This option is really only for players who are confident in their poker ability (or want to put the time in to learn) and already have a decent bankroll. If you’re interested, check out our review of PokerStars USA to understand this bonus in more detail.

Make Your PokerStars Casino Welcome Bonus Count

Whatever approach you decide to take, there is a lot of value to be had with the $100 PokerStars Casino Bonus. For a mere investment of $1, you’ll get plenty of playtime and several shots at winning some real cash that you can take to the bank or try to run up further.

So, if you don’t have an account yet, register today, opt-in for the bonus, and get started. There are hundreds of slots you can choose from on the site, so whether you want to play it safe or go for the big win, you’ll have no problems finding a game that fits your particular taste and preferences.

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