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Phil Nagy, CEO of the Winning Poker Network, has warned players to expect there to be "casualties of war" as the site takes an aggressive stance towards combating bots at its online poker rooms.
WPN Warns of “Collateral Damage” in its War Against Bots

“Challenge accepted,” says one anonymous poster, who purports to have successfully run a bot on the poker room.

In a lengthy interview on the Daily Dot, Adam Kucharski, author of The Perfect Bet: How Science and Math Are Taking the Luck Out of Gambling, discusses How Big Data And Poker-Playing Bots Are Blurring The Line Between Man And Machine.
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Thoughts on poker bots, the NJ DGE’s approval of GVC, happenings around the WSOP and more.

888 announced via social media last week that it was overhauling its loyalty program, switching from a traditional rake-based system to a "gamified" mission-based format.
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888, PokerStars, partypoker, iPoker and more.

California Assemblymen Adam Gray and Reginald Jones-Sawyer have sponsored a new bill to regulate online poker in California.
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France, Germany, India, Sweden, California and more.

The Swedish Court of Appeal has acquitted five people accused of operating poker bots on the state regulated Svenska Spel online poker site.
Swedish Court Acquits Poker Bot Defendants

Despite the fact that the defendants did design bots to play online poker, they were acquitted of fraud.

Alex Scott, MPN’s Head of Poker, recently blogged about changes at the online poker network, including providing players with the opportunity to change their screen names.
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Operators are facing up to their responsibilities for protecting players from cheats and predatory practices.

Summer tournament guarantees are declining around the world as a measure to reduce the risk of overlays during the market lull.
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A cheating scandal at PokerStars PLO tables provides a PR headache despite the operator’s market leading security measures.

In May, accounts of winners at PokerStars's midstakes PLO games were banned for terms of service violations.
PokerStars Confirms Investigation into PLO Bot Ring Underway

Some of the biggest winners at the midstakes games implicated in cheating.

For the last two weeks, a team of top cash game players has been taking on the best poker playing artificial intelligence program developed by Carnegie Mellon University.
Doug Polk and Team Beat Claudico to Win $100,000 from Microsoft & the Rivers Casino

Human intelligence continues to outwit artificial intelligence at No Limit Hold’em poker, but the gap is closing.

Players have multiple complaints with 888 NJ's recent 80% rakeback promotion. William Hill's new free odds calculator sparks debate.
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A California court has awarded $7m to Blizzard Entertainment after its claims against Ceiling Fan software were upheld.
World of Warcraft Bot Maker Ordered to Pay $7m, Cease Operations

The award has led to the closure of bot maker Ceiling Fan Software and established useful principles which could help poker operators facing the same problem.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the world, is offering its students instruction in…
Online Poker Rising in Popularity at MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers classes in online poker and the creation of poker bots.

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